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Robin Tunney

Sunday, November 13
Chicago Tribune

Terry Armour
`Prison Break' co-star plans weather break

Published November 13, 2005

Now that Fox has a hit on its hands with "Prison Break," the show will be filming here through March. This means Chicago-born actress Robin Tunney--who plays defense attorney Veronica Donovan--will be home for the holidays. "I've been here since June--which is the longest I've been here since high school," Tunney said when we caught up with her Friday.

But Tunney (her cousin is Ald. Tom Tunney) had a confession to make. "[Thursday] I had to work outside and it was freezing," she told us. "I'm standing outside in a T-shirt wondering how I ended up in Joliet and it's 30 degrees. Come February, I think you might hear I am going back to L.A. a lot more.",1,7053445.column
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