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"Sweet Caroline" discussion

As always, the AmEx preview can be seen here. Use Fat Joe and 1-800-528-4800 as your ticket in.

Hmm. I'm still not so sure how I felt about this episode. I was alternately bored, creeped out and annoyed. Oh well.

Let's start with C-Note. His whole storyline has been getting on my nerves since they left the walls of Fox River. He went from being a pretty kick-butt inmate to a loser on the run. So, now that the writers have created this crappy character, why are they making his story even more pathetic? Ug. What a cheesy, cheap way to pretend to off him. I think we all figured that wasn't the end of C-Note last week. But I'm bored now. The only thing that might redeem him is if he turns on Mahone. Then we could be friends again.

T-Bag, T-Bag, T-Bag. When will you learn? Hopefully soon, because Bellick is in hot pursuit and that dirty pig won't think twice about stealing your new hand.
And what was he waiting for in the airport? Why hang out near the luggage but not grab your bag? It's got millions of dollars, I'd be grabbing it as soon as I could. Of course, his sneaking around did allow him to see Bellick, but who does that?

Speaking of Bellick, why does he have to go mess up Sucre's happy little life? Jeez. (BTW, does anyone else find it strange that Fernando and Maricruz seem to be spending a lot of time in the aunt's bed? I'm hoping she's got them in the spare room and she's not curled up on the couch.)

Now let's talk about Sara. First, how did she get under that hotel bed? I've never seen one I could fit under, and we're roughly the same size. Not important, really, but I'm just sayin'.
I did love how tough Sara was with Mahone. She was in control and bad-ass, talking to him about addiction and all that: "You must feel like you're running underwater...". And now that he's told her exactly what he's taking, can that somehow be used against him? She is a doctor, after all.

Mahone's web-o-crap might be unraveling and I couldn't be happier. After that phone call from C-Note and the previews for next week, it looks like his own people are chomping at the bit, ready to take him down.

But here's something that confused me: If Mahone is trying to be all secretive in his Company work, why would he get ahold of that agent woman to help him? Especially if Sara had led the woman right to Michael ... then what? Mahone wouldn't have been able to kill him right out in the open. I dunno.

Speaking of Michael, do I have to tell you all how much I hate Kim every week? When he was beating Michael's pretty face, I had to turn away. It made me sad. :o(

Talking to Caroline about the pardon just about had Michael foaming at the mouth, but who could blame him? He and Lincoln looked so happy with their 6 pack. They should have known it wasn't going to be that easy.

(Side note! Why was Lincoln looking all shiesty when he first went to Derek's job? Remember how shifty his eyes were? Then later he was hanging out in an office there like it was nothing. He even had Derek bring him stuff and had Michael meet him there. Heck, they even turned on the TV! Weird.)

Kim. First he tries to out-bitch Caroline, refusing to give her time with Michael. Then he makes it clear that he's still got some tricks up his sleeve. Could I hate him any more?

But that Caroline. She made me happy with her fake claim to cancer. In your face, Kim! Then again, she lied to save herself. This way she doesn't have to make any decisions. Nobody finds out her creepy secret (she and her brother were a couple?! Eww!!) and she doesn't have to choose between Michael/Lincoln and The Company.
But I can't feel bad for her. I'm supposed to believe that she's a pawn too? And Kim's boss is controlling it all? I'm getting a wee bit bored with the conspiracies. They just lead to more conspiracies.

And how come Kim and his peeps knew about Caroline and Terrance? She should have kept that nasty stuff under wraps. Ever heard of discretion, lady?

So that must be or third season, right? Michael, Lincoln and Sara disappearing?

It's freezing here, I can't type anymore.
It's your turn. Tell me what you think.
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