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From Sign On San Diego:
Prison Break: Feb. 26
As the season creeps to a close (only four episodes left), the body count keeps piling up. T-Bag bagged another this week. Two, at least, for Kellerman. And Mahone may have indirectly done in another of the Fox River 8. We're not sure because of the way the episode ended. But the fade to black very well could simply have been a symbolic and stylistic way to demonstrate C-Note's demise.

For the larger plot at hand, we learned that the conversation on the tape includes Steadman, implicates the president, and may not be admissible in court. Rather, the now four-strong group of conspiracy-fighters (introducing Cooper Green and his legal advice) have decided that blackmailing the president is the way to go.

Little do they know, however, that Agent Kellerman has decided to get rid of her.

T-Bag decided to get therapy. He even shed some tears. But just as we get lured back into the man's humanity, especially after last week, he clocks the good doctor, and steals his identity. He wasn't out to get better, he just wanted a passport. Destination? Thailand. With a stopover where else but Chicago. And who makes it on his flight but Bellick. My question is wasn't T-Bag in Alabama? And Bellick was in the Chicago field office meeting with Mahone? Something doesn't add up. This is where my weekly shoulder-shrug comes in handy. It's Fox. I shouldn't ask so many questions.

The last of the survivors is Sucre, who has finally found happiness with his beloved Maricruz on an alpaca farm in Mexico. Only that happiness will be short-lived as Bellick is on his way there. Surely, to terrorize everyone.

Episode grade: B

From BuddyTV:</a>
I’m not with the crowd that is quickly growing disenchanted with Prison Break, I still love every episode despite the fact that lately they all seem to be eerily alike… the plodding ten little Indians routine on the ‘scapers, Mike and Linc’s undying naiveté, Mahone’s ambivalent self serving façade… yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing week after week, but it is done so well. And therein is the grand illusion of film. We’ve been told the same story over and over again for years, as it is, and just haven’t realized it. That they can continue to do it under the title of Prison Break, with the same characters, and still make me feel entertained… well, gotta give them some credit for that. Wash fit the formula well, but provided some nice surprises along the way as well.

The boys are closing in with their evidence, blissfully unaware of what we all know… that it isn’t going to be work squat. As much as we want to see the evil establishment buckle, tables turn, and all that, it just isn’t going to happen. If it does, we don’t have a show.

As is sometimes the case, this episode finds solace in its sub characters. Robert Knepper finally gets to play a character with two hands again when he meets up with his Twin brother. Who could have seen that coming? My question is, did he get paid twice for the episode? He winds up being the resolution to Sucre’s situation when he winds up on the same plane into Mexico as Bellick, who is in town to drag a ‘scaper or two back across the border. That’s right, Mexico is now tainted with the presence of Bellick.

C-Note’s attempt to lure in Michael is shakily done and really paints Mikey out to be a bit of a jerk. They apparently did not take notes on the colossal failure of the Lost Experience because they did a little ARG style info exchanging involving a real-life web site, which I’m not going to mention because it was totally lame.

Probably the high point, if there is one, is Bellick baring down on Sucre. The whole issue last week when Sucre got picked up by the airport security dude kinda put a lump in your thought. Just when you think a ‘scaper has made it, their butt is back in the sling.

What can I say, on an evening which I got to experience the wonderful new text-book for serialized drama Heroes - Company Man, just about everything paled in comparison.
- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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