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Wentworth Miller is the (USB) Key

Welcome back readers! Once again, let’s cut to the chase to “The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty” for Prison Break episode “Wash.”

Firstly, Sucre and his clear joy over the “a packa llamas” or Alpacas for his future son! C-Note’s tearful goodbye to his wife was some of the finest acting I have seen from the actor this season. Kellerman saying hello and farewell to the sister he never knew, Kristine before making another entry in American history. Also his fabulous line about what doesn’t make a mother. Ouch, but very nice! Oh Kellerman how I heart you! Sara going with her instincts trusted Bruce, who bought her to the real Cooper Green. And just awesome teamwork on Sara and Lincoln’s part from stopping Michael! More on him later.

T-Bag gets another guy again and this time one who looks eerily like him and now he’s on his way to Bangkok! I guess he’s alright with funky surgery! And guess who he’s sharing a plane with? Bellick! He’s been assigned to another inmate in Mexico. Mahone’s been a pretty despicable guy so far this season and he redeemed himself slightly last week after he lost major points for having Haywire off himself, but going after C-Note via hanging? Even I have trouble stomaching that. Shame on you Alex! And give me a break writers! The one piece of evidence the boys find and it’s not usable in court?! And blackmail is the last option. Really?!

Michael proved that he’s not that stupid! (He’s been losing points in that department lately). His plan to have (pseudo) Cooper Green was surely his plan (sorry Linc!) go on a tailspin before meeting him face to face was definitely clever. And constantly questioning the increasingly irate man? And then knocking the guy out and beating him up when he didn’t answer the question correctly? Brains and brawns!

It is over next week? Who will get captured? Who will live? Who will die? Just 4 more episodes left this season. Stay tuned next week for “Sweet Caroline”!

There are some episode stills here, if you're interested.
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