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Escape is just the beginning.
Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn) 
25th-Feb-2007 11:41 am

Frank has been very busy since the first seaon of "Prison Break."  Here's an update on the projects that Frank is currently involved in.

Currently there is no release date.  Scenes have been recently reshot in New York.

Frank recently signed on to this movie starring Dennis Quaid.  Frank will be playing Dr. Jim Hewlette.  Filming begins sometime in April in Chicago. 

"The Kill Pit"
Limited 8 episode series for SPIKE TV.  Filming begins end of March in Pittsburg, PA and is scheduled to air sometime in the summer.  "The Kill Pit" is about a team of American Iraqi-War Veterans who rob a bank and hostages are taken.  Frank will be playing one of the Veterans, Pig.

"The Madness of Jane"
Pilot filmed for Lifetime TV.  If the Pilot receives a series order Frank will have a recurring role. "The Madness of Jane" is a one hour drama about a brilliant neurologist who learns she is bipolar and the impact the diagnosis has on her feckless sister. Frank has been cast as the psychiatrist, Dr. Oliver Cornbluth, who helps Jane with her bipolar disorder.

For more information on Frank head on over to: http://www.frank-grillo.com/

Also, Frank recently appeared on an episode of "Las Vegas" and it is available for viewing on NBC's website.

25th-Feb-2007 10:20 pm (UTC)
Ooh, he was JUST on an episode of Law & Order: SVU an hour ago. It was from 2002 I think, though.
26th-Feb-2007 12:30 am (UTC)
The episode name is Deception and you're right about the air date.

Frank has also appeared in four episodes of "The Shield", two in the first season and two in the second season, an episode of "The District" and a bunch of other shows.
26th-Feb-2007 06:36 pm (UTC)
I miss Nick Savrinn. I was really bummed when he got shot in the head on PB. But it's cool that Frank Grillo has been doing a lot of work since.
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