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'Prison Break' sweetens T-Bag

Under most circumstances, it would probably be sad, scary or disturbing to encounter Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell at the grocery store, a cocktail party or the playground. But darned if this Monday's (Feb. 19) Prison Break didn't make it clear that T-Bag is just about FOX's sweetest, most sympathetic serial molester/murderer this side of Ryan Seacrest.

But seriously, folks. Seacrest is a great guy. Always there for the charities.

Anyway, Monday's episode may have pushed its case a little far, what with T-Bag making the rather rapid transition from terrifying perv to Shakespearean tragic hero courtesy of one flashback, one Thesaurus, one abusive father and lines of dialogue like, "I am not the animal you think you see before you -- I am the laws of karma all come down wrong" and "I am the last in the line of Bagwells. The tail-end of a corrupt breed." There have now been several attempts to make viewers believe that T-Bag is just one good loving family short of no longer leching after small children, but this was the most persuasive. And even if you didn't come away thinking that T-Bag had been rehabilitated (and if you believe that, you scare me just a smidge), this sure felt like a worthy Emmy submission episode for the spectacular Robert Knepper.

I'm not sure why FOX has been suggesting that if I watch just one Prison Break episode all year this was a good one to watch, but it sure was an episode that found all sorts of normally hard-boiled characters showing their sentimental side.

C-Note and Mahone got all mushy about their children. Having the real love of his life back from The Nine made Sucre's even sweeter than usual. Sara indicated a desire to be taken out on a dinner date. Kellerman pined over whatever unholy passions he once felt for the President. Even Ex-Warden Pope let down his craggy facade (more difficult for Stacy Keach than most normal people) in the face of the truth. Somewhere, Haywire was looking down upon all this redemption and shedding a tear, because nobody's feeding his darned dog.

Along the way, the producers were able to use C-Note to make a very important point about the American public health system: If you don't have insurance and you're an escaped convict, it's very difficult to get proper medical care.

Some quick thoughts on this week's episode:

Old C-Note would slap new C-Note silly for snitching. Similarly, Old Mahone would shoot New Mahone for not shooting C-Note at the train station. They deserve each other.

I understand that Dr. Tancredi may have had a grudge against Kellerman. Attempted murder's a tough thing to let go. But was this really the right time for them to ditch the man with all the government connections? I'm thinking not.

You shouldn't be allowed to point a gun at Stacy Keach and live. At the very least, Stacy Keach should mess you up a little bit. He's not quite Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer, but he's close.
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