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"Bad Blood" discussion

I’m not organized today, so forgive the craziness.

This was not my favorite episode, but I did love the T-Bag insights, so I’ll start with him.

First, he offered the kids Chick-O-Sticks, which made me smile. I’d never heard of them until my bf introduced me to them. I’m not a candy eater, but it was nice to hear his fav candy on TV.

At first I was really excited to see the mini-Teddy stuff, but then it got too disturbing. Poor kid. No wonder he turned out the way he did. That’s a lot of information for a child to have to deal with. I mean, obviously he didn’t have to become a murderer, but still, I don’t think it’s all his fault.

I love that he had this huge attachment to his dictionary – at first I thought it was a bible, but that didn’t make much sense.

Speaking of the dictionary, did anyone happen to catch the stuff he had circled in there? I can go back and check the DVR, but I kind of thought one of you might have caught it.

It was so sad to see Teddy’s memories… just thinking of that time was driving him mad, too. The whole “laws of karma gone wrong” and “vile blood in their veins” stuff was intense. Wow. And finding out that “no more Bagwells shall roam this planet”? That was such an awesome speech. Speaking of which, do you think he’s sterile, or was that just something he was saying because he’s not going to be having any kids?

One last note on our dear Teddy: He obviously loved Susan and the kids – even though it was a twisted kind of love – because he let them go. I think he called the cops so that he wouldn’t have to face them leaving him. Well, that and calling the cops gave him a chance to start moving so that Susan couldn’t have him arrested.

Now C-Note. Once again, he annoyed me with his stupidity.
First we find out that DeeDee’s got a kidney disease called PKD … so then what was he doing dragging her out of the only place he could find to treat her?
Was that just because he was scared of getting caught, or was that because he was uncomfortable with that guy giving her the treatment she needed? I’m thinking it’s the latter.

And speaking of that clinic guy, would he be able to stick a catheter in her neck without sedating her?! And all that talk about her being so sick and stuff, wouldn’t that conversation normally take place out of earshot of the kid? Jeez.

I have a question about C-Note and Mahone. When C-Note was leaving the hospital he saw Alex and took off. How does he know him? I don’t remember the two of them having direct contact. If they had a run-in before, why don’t I remember it?!

And I’ll bet you a dollar that the information C-Note’s going to give Mahone is about the website he and Sucre are supposed to be using to stay in touch.

And Sucre! What horrible luck!! But it was a brilliant turn of events to have him trapped in a car with the guy who’s on his way to catch him.
And Maricruz is back!! I totally told you guys a long time ago that she’d be back.
Now let’s move on to Michael.
He really hurt Pope. You can just tell by the way Pope talks. You can also see how much it bothered Michael to do so. It seems to really bother him that Pope doesn’t trust – or like – him anymore. And poor Henry! He wants to do the right thing so badly.
But at least the two seemed to be on the road to mending their relationship by the end of the episode.

So how cute was the flirty banter between Michael and Sara in the car?

Oh! And how could I forget Kim?! That smug jackass got what he deserved … both times. I wanted to jump in and give him a few kicks too!

But holy crap, I can’t believe that Sara locked the door on Kellerman! Which leads me to my question about next week’s ep: Do you think Kellerman’s going “hunting” for our boys, or is he going after The Company?

So, what’d I miss … or better yet, what do you think I got wrong?
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