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"Bad Blood" recaps and reviews

From Sign on San Diego:
Prison Break: Feb. 19
Fox is great isn't it. From the end of the previous episode to the end of this one, we traveled the plot equivalent of a half a step. We left Michael and Sara two weeks ago as they were entering the cigar bar that held the life-challenged Gov. Tancredi's private humidor. And are we now any closer to knowing what was in the locker? Um. Perhaps a scosh.

Along the way, ex-Warden Pope was dragged into the mix, and so far he's the only one who knows the contents of the thumb drive. He got a bit of a crash course in the conspiracy: He got to listen to the recording and he got threatened by Bill Kim. Face to face, no less. That's an honor usually bestowed upon only the most conspiracy-entangled characters.

While said conspiracy was slowly unravelling, Sucre was on the final leg of the journey to meeting up with Maricruz at the Ixtapa airport. And just to make sure nobody ever has an easy day in this show, his car breaks down just 20 miles from the airport. But lucky Sucre, there's a man willing to pick up a hitcher who just happens to be going to that very airport. Pro: Free ride from a nice man. Con: That nice man happens to be extra airport security being called in because of Sucre. Like I said, it's never easy being a con.

On the C-Note front, the poor, tortured man was forced to turn himself in to save his ill daughter. So far it seems Mahone isn't planning C's execution, but we'll see, since he's not bound to return to Fox River quickly because he's promised to help Mahone nab Scofield.

C-Note's tears weren't the only ones shed this episode as we got to see VH1: True Pedophile Story, Theodore Baggins. I mean no wonder T-Bag's so screwed up. He grew up in one of those haunted houses from a B horror flick. Oh, and that whole abused-by-his-own-father thing.

But the man was truly in love. And in one of the more nuanced pieces of writing and acting this season, we got to see that his motive in finding his former lover wasn't revenge at all, or maybe only on his father. Rather, he wanted to right his past wrongs by ending his tainted bloodline.

What this episode lacked in revelations it more than compensated in emotions.

Episode grade: A

From TV Fodder:
Prison Break: Bad Blood

Michael, Linc, Sara & Kellerman
Kellerman, Michael, Linc and Sara are still together. Sara has the magic key that will supposedly put an end to all of this madness. About 2 seconds from what everyone assumes will be sweet freedom, some joker at the cigar club identifies her and says they need to chat. She says "of course,: and then takes off. Maybe he doesn't want the show to end either.
In the meantime, Michael spots the fuzz circling outside. The guy has been in prison and on the run for god knows how long. Can't he have a few minutes of Miller time?

Michael steals an old guy's cell phone and the two of them hightail it through the kitchen and out the fire exit -- just in case the police didn't know they were leaving.

Meanwhile Mahone is in Minneapolis, calling his son in the hospital. The son gives him the sad, "are you mad at me?" Being a proud papa, Mahone tries to explain that it wasn't his son's fault and how he should have been there to protect him. Even though Mahone has a mean streak, he loves his family. You can't fault him for that. However, the kid cut him off before the "I love you!" He buys him a teddy bear anyway.

Warden Pope (or former warden -- do they get to keep the title like the president?) is apparently a member of the cigar club, so Sara and Michael show up on his front doorstep looking for help.

Pope doesn't want any trouble, but he may get. Michael has a gun and he might actually be willing to use it -- by offering it up for the Warden to use. He doesn't want the gun, but the lure of the magic key is too strong, so he heads back to the cigar club with Michael and Sara. I can't believe that they forked over the one thing that could possibly get them out of this. Maybe they were too busy flirting in the car.

Kellerman and Linc are hanging out on a rooftop. This is where Kellerman informs Linc that no one is getting out alive, and he wants to take as many of "them" out when his time comes. It's also where Linc realizes that Kellerman is full of crap if he expects anyone to believe he wasn't in love with the president.

Mr. Kim finds out that Sara was seen at the cigar club and books himself a flight to Chicago. Yeah -- like he can do anything except look pissed.

Pope finds a USB hard drive and a couple of Cubans, and borrows a PC to peek at the goods. He took too long, giving Mr. Kim enough time to meet him at the door. Kellerman should have picked that guy off from the roof. Instead, Michael plows right into Kim. YES! The moment we've all been waiting for. Linc follows it up with about seven massive punches to the face, and Kim still gets up. Could Kim be a Terminator?

As sirens flare, Sara decides that there's no more room in the car now that they've got Pope. I guess she likes to put the seat back, so she locks Kellerman out. Damn her! Just when I was starting to like the guy.

As part of the bargain to get Pope to come with them, Michael said he would turn himself in. But since Pope listened to the disk, he gives Michael the goods and wishes them all well.

The episode ends with Michael, Linc and Sara about to rock out to the sounds on the USB drive. Of course, we'll have to wait until next week!

Out on the open road, we find T-Bag and the bagettes, his new unhappy family. He takes them to what used to be his home, only to find it has been vandalized. It also has creepy voices lingering, that only T-Bag can hear.
Flashback to T-Bag's youth: Apparently, he knows the dictionary very well. He's even buried his childhood friend in the wall. While he's on his house tour, reminicing about his abusive childhood, why doesn't one of the kids pick up a 2x4 and slam T-Bag in the back of the head? I mean, the guy's got ONE arm!

After some spring cleaning, he shoves the kids into a dark room and tries to convince Susan that he's a good egg after all. He wants to be a changed man, wants to be daddy-dearest to the kids. And here's the kicker: Susan actually seems to want to play along for a second, but she tells dear Teddy that she wants no part of his salvation. The voices come back, but this time they are of Susan crying from what might be the basement. T-Bag spies an axe lying nearby.

Just when you think the T-Bag that we know and love is alive and well, he actually turns out to be a nice guy. After all of the killings, he leaves the Hollanders behind and calls 911 for them to be picked up. Later we see him crying behind the side of the road. I guess freedom is not what it's cracked up to be.

South of the border, Sucre's car has died. What do you expect for free? He instantly finds a ride with an airport security person who just happens to be heading to work to head off Sucre.
Maricruz gets off the plane to find Sucre running towards her. He grabs his love and the two take off in a taxi. I hope those crazy kids make it.

C-Note and Half Note (Jeff came up with that) are at a doctor's office, because Half Note isn't looking so hot. He makes them known by freaking out on a nurse about how he knows the law -- he just doesn't follow it.
After being refused service, Mahone shows up and chases the two out the back door. C-Note jumps on a train, and after his kid uses herself as a human shield, the train doors close and they get away.

Inside a creepy clinic, he finds a chain-smoking doctor that't willing to take all of his money to look at Half Note. You can't tell from her crappy acting, but Half Note needs dialysis. C-Note decides he doesn't want the doctor's shaky, tobacco-stained fingers all over his kid, so he takes off. He has nowhere to go though, so he just sits behind a building, hugs his daughter, cries and tries to apologize. It's time to turn himself in.

Next we see Mahone giving the bear to Half Note. However, to get Mrs. C-Note set free and reunited with his sick daughter, C-Note needs to promise to get Schofield. Pretty bold of him, since he can't possibly know where Schofield has gone. And what about Linc? After all, he is the one wanted for murder, right? -- Rachel Cericola

From Remote Controlled:
'Prison Break' -- Love is in the air

Jeff Commings
How fitting that last night’s episode of “Prison Break” aired so close to Valentine’s Day. There was a lot of love in that hour. At least until the final five minutes.

Let’s start with the most unexpected twist: T-Bag let Susie and her kids go, after she admitted flat-out that she would never love him and their new life in the place where he was molested as a child all those years ago. I don’t know why T-Bag finally believed this admission, because she’s told him this before. Maybe he knew this was his only chance for her to love him. So instead of keeping them locked up in a cellar, he called the law and told them where to find them while he cried out his grief on a road far away.

And then there was Michael and Sara. As soon as this is all over, they’re going to have an official date. Sounds like they will be eating in style, though I think Sara should settle for that burrito he offered, since he’s pretty low on cash. Unless they catch up to T-Bag and take back the $5 million he stole.

How exciting was it that Sucre finally caught up to Maricruz in Mexico? And in the true nature of the show, their reunion lasted about three seconds before they took off through the airport.

Too bad Sucre is the only one with good fortune among the remaining convicts. C-Note thought he was free and clear of his standoff with Mahone and believed the shady doctor could help his daughter’s kidney problem. I don’t blame him for running off with her before she got that catheter stuck in her. I doubt even the most dedicated father would want that for his daughter. So knowing that there was no way he could go on the run with a sick girl, he turned himself in with the promise that his wife goes free and he gives Mahone info on where to find Scofield. I don’t know how he knows where the brothers are, so it’ll be interesting to see how he holds up his side of the bargain.

There was a little bit of love from Pope, too. He and Michael made a deal that Michael would go back to jail if Pope retrieved the item from the cigar club. But Pope listened to the conversation on the computer and realized that Michael could take down some major people better out of jail.

I hope Kellerman finds some way to screw over the president without the brothers’ help. I wasn’t shocked when Sara lockedhim out of the car, but I was shocked that Kellerman didn’t take the opportunity to bash Kim’s head in. The police were easily five minutes away. A trained Secret Service agent could kill a man in a minute. Oh well. There’s better drama with Kim alive pulling some strings.
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