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Series star makes break for Tex-Mex

If you haven't seen Prison Break star Wentworth Miller in Dallas, you might try hanging around Taco Diner in West Village. Apparently, when the Princeton grad isn't shooting the Fox series, he likes to get to-go food from the West Village Taco Diner, grab some rentals from Blockbuster and stay in watching flicks and eating Tex-Mex.
As we reported last week, Fox 4 News anchor Baron James has a role on Monday night's Prison Break episode. While the crew was shooting a couple of weeks ago at the Adolphus hotel, Baron snagged some behind-the-scenes interviews that will air on Fox 4 during Monday's 9 p.m. newscast.
Mounting her charge
Emmy winner Patricia Wittig (Brothers & Sisters, thirtysomething) makes semiregular appearances in Prison Break playing Vice President Caroline Reynolds.
When she flew to Dallas recently to shoot scenes, it didn't take her long to get her bearings. During the shoot at the Adolphus, she heard that her shopping mecca was just two blocks away. She said she couldn't wait for a break so she could run over to the downtown Neiman Marcus for some retail therapy.
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