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"Chicago" discussion

Reminder: the AmEx preview can be seen here. Use Fat Joe and 1-800-528-4800 as your ticket in. :o)

I usually post this Tuesday mornings, sorry about that.

First and foremost: T-Bag is wonderfully creepy again. He's getting so creepy, in fact, that I'm almost starting to get freaked out by him, which is awesome. :o) But that's all I've got to say about Teddy for this episode.

I so loved the reaction Mike and Linc had when they found out what Kellerman did to Sara. So chivalrous and adorable.

So Sara said her life was normal 3 weeks ago. That's all it's been? Really?

Yeah, yeah. Michael and Sara kissed. A whole bunch. But why did she indirectly say she loved him before they started kissing and then kind of blow Michael off when he indirectly said he loved her at the end of the ep? Strange.
And how kick-ass was Sara when she went all crazy on Kellerman? Michael could hardly hold her back!

Wouldn't Lincoln be blown off the train? He was almost fully standing, taking a stroll on top of a moving train like it was nothing.

At first, I was impressed with how the 4 of them running through the woods (after jumping off the train) was so reminiscent of the first episode of the season, but then I was even more impressed to find out it wasn't them. Tres clever!

Now on to icky old Bellick. It seemed that Mahone was speeding up his trial, not that he was getting him released and turned into an FBI agent. And where did he get that extra badge? Kim doesn't know about Mahone's choice to involve Brad, so it couldn't be from the Company. And with the FBI watching Mahone closer, I doubt he could just snag an extra badge. Aren't they closely guarded?

Speaking of Brad, he's such a filthbucket. He totally would've been putting the moves on the blonde girl if he hadn't been so wrapped up in his new FBI badge.

And how telling that Mahone didn't even want to find and kill Haywire. Even he thought that was a bit much. Well, it seems like he doesn't want to kill him ... then he gets annoyed when he can't shoot him in private.
Talking him into suicide?! That was horrible.

I really, really hate Kim.

Poor Haywire, he only got less than 4 hours away from Fox River. RIP buddy.

Oh, and here's a question for you: Why do you think they juxtaposed Haywire falling to his death with Michael letting Sara know he loves her too? They just kept flipping back and forth between those two scenes. It seemed odd to me.

Now C-Note. Don't try to pull this C-Note the Hero crap. He's a first-class loser if you ask me. He got his family into all this with his lies about being in prison, his lack of a plan once he grabbed his wife and kid, and then his lack of courage when his wife was being arrested.
So why am I supposed to believe he suddenly grew a pair and is in total control of the tweaker robbing the diner? Psh. Too bad he couldn't take care of his family in the first place.

Next week's previews: Pope's back!! Maricruz is back too!!

So? What did you think?
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