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We're Back!
When I read that Steadman blew his head off, I was totally surprised! That's what I love about Prison Break [Mondays at 8 pm/ET, on Fox] — I can never guess what's gonna happen next.

As for Bellick, he's in for a rude awakening. Ouch!

It seems like nothing is the way it seems on this show. Both Kellerman and Mahone are two-faced, so which face is gonna look at you next? The only "good" guys left are the Brothers, Sucre and C-Note. They are running for love and family. I ain't even gonna talk about T-Bag — what's he running for?

The scripts continue to be page-turners full of unexpected twists and turns. We are shooting Episode 219 — that's five episodes ahead of what's airing — and we're dealing with the Texas weather's twists and turns. It doesn't get as cold as Chicago, but we have had some sleet and ice. Makes for some cold and frosty days on location. Even the threat of ice or snow shuts Dallas down. They close the schools here over a bad weather report!

Rumors are flying about a Season 3 for Prison Break. As of yet, we haven't gotten official word one way or the other. Everyone should get on Fox's Prison Break website and lobby for Season 3. I feel like there are a lot of great stories to tell about these two brothers and their continuing prison break. It ain't over till it's over.

As actors, some of us are wondering if our characters will make it alive to the next episode, much less to the next season. My mantra is, "It's nice to have a gig," because you never know how long a gig will last in this business. Hopefully, old Bellick will survive for a while longer — though it doesn't look very good for him now.

Not much else new here. Just wondering about Bellick's and Wade's future.

A little story about destiny:

When I was a kid, nine or 10 years old, a young doctor, his wife and new baby moved into the house next door to my family in Atlanta, Georgia. I was born in Atlanta and lived there mostly until I was 13, when we moved to Tulsey Town, Oklahoma. Dr. Haley and his wife Stephanie were a great positive influence on me. Having inspiring role models is a blessing when moving into the teen-aged years. Dr. Haley inspired my interests in music — opera and blue grass, for two. He used to blast old opera LPs and listen to the Sunday opera broadcasts on the radio. I would watch him "conduct" the orchestra like Toscanini as he listened. He would pull out his old Gibson RB100 banjo and do some picking sometimes too. He patiently showed me how to do a good job at many things. He threw the football with me, and taught me that no excuse was a good excuse!

Many times throughout my life I have thought about decisions I had to make in terms of: "What would Dr. Haley would do?" It's invaluable to have a model like that. When we moved away, I continued to be interested in things that Dr. Haley introduced me to, like opera, blue grass, and integrity.
Years went by and our families kept in touch. We would see each other for short visits as they moved to Dallas, where Dr. Haley and his family are from mdash; going back to the civil war!

So here we are 30 years later, and destiny move my family and me to Dallas to be near the Haleys again. In the last 15 years, Dr. Haley has been working on some very important research searching for the cause and the treatment of "Gulf War Syndrome." He has dedicated his life to this pursuit and has helped many Gulf War vets, and continues to do so. So much so that when I arrived in Dallas this summer, his family would say that all he did was work.

I believe the reason destiny brought my family and I to Dallas, Texas, was twofold: to continue working on a great show with fantastic people, and to have the chance to be with the Haleys again. My wife and daughter and I have been welcomed here and made to feel at home. My wife loves it here in Dallas. She has the Haley family here for support and friendship, and Ive got my first hero close by. We've been playing guitar and banjo and have five or six songs sounding good enough to tap your foot too. I've been learning bluegrass banjo on his old RB100!

Never would have thought destiny would bring us to Dallas, where I'd be pickin' and grinnin' with Dr. Haley and listening to Pagganini's Violin Concerto with him, playing air violin along with the record. That's the beautiful thing about destiny — one never knows where it will lead.

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