Izzy (theizzy) wrote in _prisonbreak,

Episode 1.14 spoilers

Yep, they started shooting episode 1.14, which will air... sometime in 2006 :( And that means we already get some spoilers for that episode! Now proceed with EXTREME caution as these spoilers may ruin episode 1.13 for you...

Episode 1.14 - The Rat

- Nick and Veronica meet with a judge and a respondent in order to get a stay of execution for Lincoln.

- A CO and his supervision notice that the utility room's door has been broken...

- Sucre and T-Bag face off during rec time.

- Later in the episode, Sucre pretends to be sick to have access to a room...

- Lincoln demands to see Michael but his wish is not granted.

- Warden Pope and Bellick seem to start thinking that something fishy is going on in the guards' room... (but they don't seem to give it much thought).

Tags: episode 1.14, spoilers, the rat
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