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Hotel St. Germain hosts Prison Break crew

January 9, 2007
The Hotel St. Germain, Some Prison
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Looks like Went's been to Starbucks again!We’ve had a few Friends of Unfair Park inquire about the filming today in front of the Hotel St. Germain on Maple Avenue. Seems traffic’s being redirected in the area because of it. Well, if you guessed, “Prison Break,” you would be right, according to our good friends at the Dallas Film Commission, who remind us to remind you that, as it’s a closed set and all, jes’ keep on driving. Nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

Incidentally, the filmed-in-Dallas Fox show returns with new episodes January 22. I really need to start watching that thing. So, like, what have I missed? –Robert Wilonsky


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hotel St. Germain hosts Prison Break crew
By John P. Meyer

If you happened to be driving by (or should I say attempting to drive by) the Hotel St. Germain yesterday and were forced to re-route, here's the lowdown [posted above] (per the the Observer's Unfair Park blog): a segment of Prison Break was filming there.

For those of you not already waiting on pins and needles for the Fox network's thrilling episodic drama to pick up again on Jan. 22, I should inform you that the actual prison-based elements of the drama are a fait accompli, and the former cell block buds (at least those still breathing) are "at large," as the saying goes, and on the run from the law. Er, and the para-law. Buzz has it that the boys formerly in stripes are tired of running after last season's lengthy "run away, run away!" activites, and they will now be taking their ass-kicking stuff directly to those responsible for putting them on the hot seat.

Thus, the filming in front of the Maple Avenue inn and dinery should in no way be taken as an attempt to have that venue stand in for the Fox River Penitentiary.

Hotel St. Germain

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