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Five moments that shook TV viewers in 2006

Did you just see that?
Five moments that shook TV viewers in 2006

December 29, 2006

It only takes a moment.

When you see something truly spectacular on TV, you know it right away. For this year's wrap-up of the best TV, I would like to focus on some moments that stopped me dead in my tracks. Hopefully, you saw them too.

1) David Palmer is assassinated on "24": True, "24" has always been a bold show, but to kill one of the fans' favorite characters in the first 10 minutes of the season premiere? Even actor Dennis Haysbert didn't want to do it, but it led to the chapter that earned the tagline "nonstop season."

2) Claire wakes up on an autopsy table on "Heroes": It was really, really gross, to be sure, when the cheerleader (Hayden Panettiere) came to and discovered her chest cut open from neck to belly button, but it also gave a whole new depth to her indestructible label. It. Was. Shocking.

3) Jim tells Pam he loves her on "The Office": John Krasinski's adorable Jim Halpert put aside the jokes for a moment to take the opportunity to open himself up to Jenna Fischer's Pam, and what does she do? She rejects him, then fails to go through with her wedding anyway. We may never forgive her, but we are still watching this amazing show that can make us laugh and cry in the same half-hour.

4) Michael shoots Ana Lucia on "Lost": The people who say they saw it coming are lying. There could hardly have been a better way to get rid of "Lost's" least popular character, played by Michelle Rodriguez.

5) Lincoln* chops off T-Bag's hand on "Prison Break": OK, there's a whole lotta gore on this list, but when someone gets their hand cut off, you can't help but be a little surprised. The introduction of the great William Fichtner as FBI Agent Alex Mahone as someone who could finally figure out Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and the continued great work of Emmy-worthy Robert Knepper as T-Bag make this thoroughly preposterous, unapologetically ridiculous show as addictive as it gets.

What do you remember about this year in TV? E-mail your big moments to Wendy Fox Weber at

*I emailed her to tell her that it was actually Abruzzi who amputated T's hand.

UPDATE: Here's her response to my email:

Oh my Gosh, you’re right! How could I have missed that? I watch the show!

Thanks for the comment.

Wendy Fox Weber

Sun Publications

Associate Managing Editor

Maybe she was thinking of Linc's luscious abs as she wrote the story. I can't blame her. I'd get sidetracked too. Now, what was I doing? ;)

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