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The 2007 Horoscope Forecast for You and TV's Top Stars!

This is also in this week's TV Guide.

Thursday, December 28, 2006
The 2007 Horoscope Forecast for You and TV's Top Stars!
by Michael Lutin

CANCER • June 22–July 23
Pack your duds, and get ready to travel. In spite of everything that keeps you buzzing around your own neighborhood, you absolutely must leave your zip code this year. All the 80,000 ridiculous little errands you have to do, and the 90,000 worries that wake you up at 3 am, will all still be there when you come back from wherever it is you should force yourself to go.

Confidential to Robert Knepper (July 8, Prison Break): This was a love year, and your performance level was high in every area. From now on, you will be devoting yourself to your real passions: money, real estate and finance. Prosperity may not heal all your personal and private wounds, but it will sure as hell help.
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