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Lane in new TV Guide

In next week's TV Guide, there is a one page article and pictures on Lane's accident. In the article, it states that Lane did not have plans to go out that night, but was then invited to the party by the threesome, whom he met at the grocery store. He didn't even know their names and was trying to accommodate his fans (Hey Lane, you accommodate fans by having a picture taken with them and signing an autograph, not by going to party with them.). He didn't know they were minors. He was naive.

Robert Knepper is quoted as saying, "He's [Lane] the best damn kid alive." (As opposed to dead kids?)

Lane is despondent. He dreaded that the parents got a call no parent should get.

It also mentions his troubled upbringing and his living with the Simpsons. He was shooting a feature film at the time of the accident.
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