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Looks like ABC has deep-sixed 'The Nine'

Will ABC's "The Nine" ever return to TV? What's going on with "Smith," CBS' canceled thief drama? Will it return? When is "Prison Break" coming back, and what will I watch until then?
All of these pressing TV questions and more -- OK, maybe not too many more -- will be answered in this very TV column.
That's right, this is the column I devote to readers' inquiries on their absolute favorite series.
First up is "The Nine." Late last month, the alphabet network said it had pulled the drama from its lineup because of low ratings. The only good news is that there are four episodes (through Nov. 22) of "The Nine" on, which means that ABC will probably slap whatever episodes it has left up on its site to finish its season.
A reader using the nom de plume Savethenine from Livonia urged me and others not to give up on the series just yet, leaving a link (www.petitiononline. com/Savethe9/petition.html) on my blog.
To this reader and other fans, I wish you the best of luck. Saving the shows we love is no easy feat.
Which leads me to the next subject, "Smith." Although some fans saw a glimmer of hope when its Tuesday-night replacement, "3 Lbs.," got axed too, CBS has extinguished those chances. Unfortunately, the recent cancellation of its hackneyed "House" rip-off does not mark the return of "Smith."
Fans will just have to settle for watching the seven existing episodes of "Smith" on No word on what CBS will start airing at 10 p.m. Tuesdays come January, but whatever it is, it better be strong. The eye network has long had difficulties with this timeslot.
As for "Prison Break," you can catch the last three episodes it had before its fall finale on Hopefully, this will be enough for fans who won't be getting fresh installments until the show's Jan. 22 return. Until then, Henry in Royal Oak and other fans might want to find another TV show or pastime. Just a thought.
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