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More on Lane's accident

TMZ: "Prison Break" Star's Snobbiness Triggered Crash

Prison Break' skills may help

As if anyone could tell the difference among vodkas once they're already bombed, it was "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison's need for the good stuff that may have led to tragedy.

Last weekend, Garrison crashed his Land Rover into a tree in Beverly Hills, killing 17-year-old Vahagn Setian.

Here's what happened, according to Garrison met Setian and two 15-year-old girls. They invited him to a party. People at the party say Garrison drank between four and seven large shots of Grey Goose vodka.

Once the Grey Goose was gone, Garrison was offered Absolut.

Not good enough.

When Garrison hit the tree, he was supposedly making a run to the store for more Grey Goose.

Garrison's lawyer Harland Braun told his client was heading back to his apartment when the crash occurred, which avoids the question as to why a 26-year old man would be bringing two 15-year-old girls back to his apartment.

Blood-alcohol test results are pending.
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