I watch hope come over me (loveanddarkness) wrote in _prisonbreak,
I watch hope come over me

Let's do it again.

Two nights ago I couldn't sleep, so I turned on the lights, fluffed the pillows, got some water, rearranged the cats, and put the first Prison Break DVD in my Powerbook.

Watching it from the beginning, after 30+ eps of PB now, I was wondering how the Pilot would hold up.

It held up VERY well: fresh, intriguing, the characterizations strong, and hints of what will unfold for the characters are there in the acting and writing.

So, who's with me? You need a PB fix to tide you over until 1/22's new episode? You can't go forward in time but you can go back. And it's really worth it.

You can get the DVDs here, among many other places, including your local retailer.

Download S2 eps here at Amazon.com I think iTunes has them too.

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