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Top 10 Hottest Shows on Television

Top 10 Hottest Shows on Television
From Rachel Thomas,
Your Guide to TV Dramas.

What's everybody buzzing about at the water cooler these days? Some are old, some are new, a husband or two is borrowed, and they all have clues.

1) Heroes
This epic drama has become the topic of conversation at water coolers, school bus stops, etc. Can ordinary people possess extraordinary powers? This hot new series can certainly make a believer out of the most discriminating skeptic.

2) Desperate Housewives
After coming off a not so hot second season, the ladies of Wisteria Lane are back and better than ever! Who killed Monique? What is Orson hiding and why did he run down Mike Delfino? Mystery, romance and backstabbing are in the forefront this season and we, the viewers couldn't be happier. With neighbors like these, who needs enemies?

3) Jericho
What if you lived in a small town and spotted a nuclear mushroom cloud off in the distance? What if you realized your town may be one of the only surviving towns in the country? Would your town band together or would complete chaos erupt? Jericho offers a believable view of what might happen should the worst-case scenario come to fruition. They've got us hooked and we couldn't be happier about it.

4) Grey's Anatomy
McDreamy, McSteamy -- how did we ever get along without those trademark McPhrases? When ABC announced plans to relocate the series to the highly competitive Thursday night time slot, we all held our breath and waited for the ratings to determine whether or not the show would fare as well without the Desperate Housewives lead-in. Grey's is now the number one show on television and each week, the writers reward viewers with one outstanding episode after another.

5) Ugly Betty
In a world where size and looks matter, it is refreshing to find a series in which the star is someone we all can identify with in one way or another. Women can finally sit back and revel in the fact that we don't need to look perfect to be confident, intelligent and comfortable in our own skin. Ugly is definitely the new beautiful!

6) Lost
Although each answer gives way to a whole new set of questions, we just can't seem to stop the madness that is Lost. Who are the "Others"? Where did Michael and Walt sail off to, did they make it home to the real world? Did Desmond gain some sort of supernatural powers? Are there people from the outside world trying to locate the island? Once the series returns this February, will any of those questions get answered? Probably, but I'll lay odds that dozens of questions will be raised as a result -- and we'll love every minute of it!

7) Smallville
The Smallville gang is growing up faster than a speeding bullet these days. This season has Clark dealing with more mature issues and battling much bigger enemies. Lex Luthor is finally showing his true colors and is indeed becoming the man we know so well from the movies. As Clark embraces his destiny, his journey to truly becoming the man of steel is what will keep loyal viewers glued to the tube each week in eager anticipation.

8) Prison Break
Many thought the second season of Prison Break would never measure up to the intensity of the first season, but we're happy to report that this season most definitely measures up and how! The addition of Agent Mahone has added an element to this jaw-dropping series -- and we certainly aren't complaining about seeing our favorite escapees in real clothes for a change.

9) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Franchise
Despite intense competition, CSI is hotter than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. All three of the CSI shows are topping the Nielson charts consistently every week. Why? Because the stories are never dull and the elusiveness of the characters' personal lives keep us wanting more.

10) Criminal Minds
If anyone had asked me a year ago if anything other than American Idol could beat Lost in the ratings, I would have thought absolutely not, no way! It looks like those incessant repeats and never-ending questions have finally taken their toll -- Criminal Minds is now leading the pack and showing no signs of losing those millions of viewers who have jumped ship to follow the BAU as they solve some of the most intense cases we've ever seen on television.
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