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From TVGuide Online

When Prison Break Returns, So Does Mahone's Ex

Prison Break's fall finale doesn't even air until Monday, but already clues are trickling in regarding the serial's 2007 return. For one, look for Agent Mahone's ex-wife, Pam, to make another appearance. As her portrayer, Rescue Me's Callie Thorne, revealed to just the other day, "I just came back from shooting my third episode" — to air Jan. 29, Prison Break's first day back with fresh fare, following its truncated hiatus.

The reason for Thorne's encore? "They're pretty tight-lipped [about story lines], so I can't say," she shrugs. hears, though, it may be under, how shall we say, less than ideal circumstances.

Additional reporting by Allison Corneau
What about President Reynolds????
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