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'Break' Time

I think this is an interview with Paul Scheuring, but nothing actually says who it is.

Any hints about what's to come in the fall finale?
I don't want to reveal too much, but I will say that the paradigm does shift. The characters' aims will change, and that's the good characters and the bad characters. And someone will be mortally wounded.

I've read that you might not be involved beyond Season 2. Has that changed?
Yeah, the important thing for me was always to keep the show creatively sound, and if we can figure out a way to keep our vision while expanding it, the chances are good that I'll be around.

What's been the biggest challenge in changing and adapting to stretch out the story?
It's been nice that we've stayed true to the original aim so far, but there are certain elements that will have to change in the event of a third season. ... The events that have to occur during the season get reworked to make sure that the characters face problems in different and unique ways. We don't want the audience thinking, "Oh they just barely got out of trouble in the same way as last time."

You came in with Prison Break at the beginning of the serial drama craze. What are your thoughts about the slew of other shows released after?
I'm not a soothsayer, but at the beginning of the season I felt it was oversaturation. All the networks were jumping on the serial drama craze, and I knew viewers wouldn't be able to commit to so many shows from week to week. I was pretty confident that most of them would fall off the air, and it looks like that's happening.

With A Man Apart and now Prison Break, you seem to thrive on stories of people being forced to act outside the law. Why does this theme resonate with you?
That's partially a function of the types of projects I've been able to get made. I've written for all genres.

Has the show opened doors for you? What's next?
Yeah, definitely. I'm set to direct my first feature film in April. It's a remake of a German film called Das Experiment.

How has filming in Dallas worked out for the show, in your opinion?
When we started scouting locations, the range of different geographic possibilities was amazing. I was really pleasantly surprised. And also, the people in Dallas are extremely nice – the decorum is high. It's definitely not LA.

Prison Break
The "fall finale" airs tonight at 7 on Fox (Channel 4). The show will return on Jan. 22.
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