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"Disconnect" review

'Prison Break' -- On the border

Jeff Commings
I’ve seen some very incredible pre-credits TV sequences in my day. But Monday’s “Prison Break” is now at the top of the list for sheer shock value and tight storytelling.

In five minutes, we found out that Michael’s foster father locked him in the furnace room and abused him, that his real father killed that man and scarred Michael for life, that Sara would escape from her drowning, sizzle Kellerman’s chest with the iron and fall two stories onto a car before Kellerman could saw her into little pieces and bury her.


As for that sizzling scar Kellerman has on his chest, it reminds me of the creepy German guy from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” whose hand was burned with the medallion. Except this one won’t be as cool to show off.

And boy, did Kellerman screw up by saying that Sara was dead. Now Mr. Kim wants photographic evidence. Bad move, buddy. You know Agent Kim doesn’t like lying. I expect that burn to be like a tickle compared to what Mr. Kim has in store for him. Deleting Kellerman from all the photographs was just the beginning.

And C-Note’s back! He managed to get his family up to North Dakota, where I’m sure they are the third, fourth and fifth black people to take up residence in the state in the last five years. I can’t imagine they’re going to take a family tour of the United States in that RV. Maybe the C-Note family is ready to cross the border, too, but over to Canada. Not only would they have been safe from the FBI, but the drugs they needed for their daughter would have been sooo much cheaper.

I was a little surprised to see Mahone catch up to Linc, Michael and Sucre. I figured they were saving a major showdown for the last episode before the winter break. But there Mahone was, firing off rounds at the four—and missing, of course—allowing the three convicts to get to a car while Dad covered them. As soon as I saw Dad run to the car, I knew he was shot before we saw the blood. I felt bad that Michael only got one day with Dad, but I feel even sadder for Anthony John Denison, the actor who payed Aldo Burrows. He got cheated on his death scene. Instead of a long monologue, he got a few words in a flashback. Poor Tony. People win Emmys and Oscars for great death scenes. Oh well. at least he still has his work on TNT’s The Closer as Det. Flynn.

Why did the brothers decide to stay in the States instead of taking the plane to Panama? That was a dumb choice. I knew that long before Mahone caught them watching the jet intercept the plane. The last minute of the show took me by surprise. Mahone has Linc and Michael at gunpoint. No escape. Nowhere to hide.

One more show until the winter break! How’s it going to go down? I’m ready for anything … as long as Michael doesn’t yell to Sara, “Dammit, Sara, RUN!”
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