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R.I.P., Roy Geary

Roy Geary is dead, gutted and bled out. At least he was happy before he died. A Cleveland what?

I'm going to miss Matt DeCaro. We became good friends. I think we made a good team, too. He's a fine actor, very well-respected and renowned in Chicago theater. He's up for a Jeff Award (the Chicago TONY) this year for best actor; I hope he wins it. He was convinced the bigwigs at Fox were killing him off so they could develop a new TV series for Geary and Bellick. No one's been phoning my people about that! Not a bad idea, though! Bellick's still kicking... but for how long?

Everything's ramping up and we're getting ready to launch the story into limbo for the holiday hiatus. Rumors are flying about the date we'll return. I've got to tell you, the new scripts are blowing me away, with plot twists and revelations I never expected. Holy moly!

Been very busy in the best ways recently.... My family and I went to Chicago and saw Stacy Keach play King Lear in a wonderful production at the Goodman Theatre. It's a sexually graphic and violent version of Lear set in an Eastern European dictatorship. Lear is the old dictator going slowly mad and the storm that follows. Stacy was fantastic. His performance was dynamic and heartbreaking. I miss working with him.... Who knows, Warden Pope may be back!

Being back in Chicago was both heartwarming and melancholy for us. We went back to our old neighborhood of Andersonville, had a great hot dog at Huey's, and visited our other favorite haunts around the 'hood. The guys at the local coffeeshop still remembered the coffee I liked to order! Many things have changed in the six months since we left, time passes. We were spoiled by living in Chi Town. Chicago is my favorite American city — architecture, culture, history, and the most genuine and lovely people around. We made some wonderful friends there. We were spoiled as well by all the great actors that live and work in Chi Town. I learned a lot by watching them work and by working with them.

Along with the traveling, I have been shadowing Kevin Hooks, our directing producer, as he directs Episode 2/14. You'd know Kevin as the star of Sounder and the White Shadow TV series. He's a true triple-threat: a fine actor, director and producer. I don't know if being a director is my destiny, but I wanted to gain some experience and understanding about what it takes to produce and direct an episode of Prison Break. As I am discovering, to prep, schedule and then shoot a 55-page script, all in 16 days, is a Herculean task. That the episodes get completed at all is astounding, and that they are continually producing great television every episode is a tribute to the writers, producers, directors, actors and crew. So far it has been an inspiring and eye-opening experience for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to do it, and to Kevin for helping me along the way.

I noticed a question in your comments asking whether I watched Prison Break myself. I am not able to watch it when it comes on at 7 pm/CT here in Dallas, because we have a 4-year-old who gets very confused seeing her daddy being downright ugly on TV. (At least I ain't playing T-Bag!) So, many times I have to catch it days later on the DVR. Most times I choose not to watch because I don't want to start editing my performance in future episodes. I think a little self-critique is healthy, but the last person I want to direct me is me. I'll have plenty of chances to watch when the second season comes out on DVD! Although, as I am beginning to learn about directing, I'll be watching old episodes with a director's eye, trying to notice how each scene was shot, how the takes are edited together, and how the "ins" and "outs" were created. Basic stuff like that.

So much for now. Thanks again for reading this blog and for watching our show!

More later,
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