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BB Ratings

nielsen ratings

(fast national numbers for monday, november 13, 2006)

Here are the highlights of the 17 ad-sustained programs that aired in primetime on the broadcast networks last night:

FOX (households: 5.8/9, #3; adults 18-49: 3.5, #3) then moved up to third place with its revised lineup of "Prison Break" (households: 5.9/9, #8; adults 18-49: 3.8, #T5)…

Prison Break: 9.15 million viewers. The best showing locked down since mid September.

PB came in eighth for the night overall and tied for fifth in the 18-49 age demos.

Why aren't more people watching? At 8:00 p.m., more people are watching "Deal or No Deal" and "How I Met Your Mother."
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