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From Ask Ausiello

Question: I recently heard that Sara from Prison Break is going to be captured and tortured. Is this true?— Amanda

Ausiello: Monday's episode and the preview for next week made that pretty obvious, no? But it sounds like Sara won't be in captivity for long, based on a tip I recently received from one of my Texas moles about a Prison Break location shoot last week in Garland. "They turned the Garland Opry into an electronic store," says my spy. "The only main actor was Sarah Wayne Callies (Dr. Sara). She had obviously just been hurt, based on her makeup — she had cuts on her elbow, shoulder and head — and she was talking on the phone like she was being watched. She walked up to the window of the 'electronic store' and appeared to be watching a news report, then started freaking out."

Question: Please, in the name of Smurfette, give me a hint on the two deaths yet to come on Prison Break.— Joy

Ausiello: No comment. Changing the subject (tee-hee), how excited are we about Luke and Laura reuniting on General Hospital? (Yikes! Easter eggs! They're everywhere!)

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