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Up Close and Personal *Rendezvous spoilers*

On ''Prison Break,'' Michael reunites with Sara and faces off with Mahone; plus, the Burrows boys hang out with dad
by Kate Sullivan

Man, LJ has had some bad luck. His father was wrongfully incarcerated for the murder of the then vice president's brother. (That can't make LJ popular at school.) His mother and stepfather were murdered in front of him, and he was framed for the crime. He was terrible at being on the lam. Even being reunited with his dad sucked, because he first had to get jumped by a meth addict. He can't even get arrested without it leading to a car crash, a borderline kidnapping, and his father punching a rather curt woman in the mouth. And he can't meet his grandpa for the first time without there being a murderous gunman waiting around the corner. Poor kid.

T-Bag also had some bad luck in this episode, though his suffering wasn't as grotesque as I expected. Maybe it was the "Walking on Sunshine" torture soundtrack. That song would definitely be on my torture mixtape; better yet, I'd dub the scene in Look Who's Talking when the song plays. But could "Walking on Sunshine" be the last song that T-Bag ever hears? Roy said, "You just crapped out your last bargaining chip, pal." It's true that T-Bag doesn't know where his long-lost love is, he doesn't have the money anymore, and either he is going to be re-arrested or he's going to gnaw his own hand off like a coyote caught in a steel trap.

It seemed the episode was going to be all about keys. Sara pondered the mysterious key she found on her dead father's body, and T-Bag's bus-stop-locker key fell out of his sock (and, later, somewhere else). But really the episode was so divided among the escapees that it felt like a lot and very little happened at the same time.

The Sucre plotline was a little weak. There isn't a lot of high drama in waiting to use a pay phone, not when you've nearly drowned just episodes ago. But if you're going to break down, you might as well break down in a place called Dinosaur, Nebraska. It makes for a good story later. "There I was, stuck in Dinosaur, Nebraska, while my woman was on her way to Mexico!" (Additionally, Bolshoi Booze is another amazing location name. I want to see the maps in the Prison Break writers' room, where there are only crazily named towns and a disproportionately large Gila.)

Back to Sucre's scenes: Leaving a message that you're going to be at a specific place at a specific time? Sucre, no! Maricruz won't be back for another week, so she's not going to be the first person to hear that message. Side note: It was kind of a stupid move for Maricruz to go on the honeymoon that Hector paid for; I mean, I know he's a jerk, so it's fitting, but Maricruz doesn't really know that about him. [Thanks for the corrections, readers!]

I wish I could have seen Michael's eyes when he first saw Sara. I wanted to see the emotion immediately! Not after a commercial break!

Like Sara, I was disappointed that Michael's plan was just to make a run for Panama, but really the man can only do one thing at a time. And he can't know everything and everyone that will pop up to interfere either.

Michael seriously didn't know who he was dealing with if he thought a game of chicken was going to scare off Crazy Eyes Mahone. The man has a dead body in his backyard. His ex-wife, whom he probably still loves, is terrified of him. He's the slave of a corrupt government. What does he have to lose? Now, Michael, on the other hand, has a lot to lose. (That's why he deliberately imprisoned himself and broke out in the first place.) I did love the cars in the scene. Michael encased in white, Mahone in black, having a final showdown just five miles from the Sundown Hotel. Prison Break really is all about cowboy. Michael is the good guy who is so good he has to do bad things. Maybe he inherited that personality....

(Now, I'm not going to get into the daddy issues that I've previously discussed, though I admit it's hard when there were three generations of Burrows men in one hideout. And the eldest Burrows is responsible for Linc's framing, and Linc is responsible for LJ's.)

Anyway, I think Michael permeated Mahone's psyche with his claims of Linc's innocence but hurt himself when he bragged that he would win every time. Luckily, the boasting did make Mahone reveal that he knew Michael was Panama bound. Even if that throws a kink in Michael's plans, at least he can change them.

And he'll always have to change them, because everyone besides him keeps getting caught by someone. A lot of the message-board gang thinks that Kellerman has a thing for the innocent Sara and he doesn't want to see her dead. But do y'all still think that now that Kellerman has held a gun to her face? And now that the trailer for next week's episode shows him dunking her head under water while her hands are tied? Personally, I think that suggests that he wants to keep her alive.

I could be wrong, but always being surprised is part of the fun with a show like Prison Break. So I'm going to throw another crazy, improbable idea out there: I think Bellick is dead. It was foolish for Bellick to team up with Roy in the first place. They were never really friends. They had both sold each other out before. And Bellick was hit hard. I don't see another chase in his future.

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