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"Rendezvous" discussion

Reminder: the AmEx preview can be seen here. Use Fat Joe and 1-800-528-4800 as your ticket in. :o)

Where to start, where to start... I've been chatting with people for a week about this episode, I might be all chatted out. You guys better do the talking.

First I have to point out that the guys have only been out about a week according to Mahone. I thought it had been longer?? And speaking of Mahone, I've realized that he and Michael are very close to becoming the same person. When Mike was giving Mahone his little speech, asking Mahone if he still thought he was one of the good guys or if he's "crossed over," the same thing could have been said to Michael. Something to ponder.

So LJ got hit by a car last week. And now, a few hours later, he's fine? Looked painful to me!
And this Jane is a total bad ass, but I don't trust her. Especially about the comment about Aldo wanting to see Mike and the whole "Burrows trifecta" guy at the end.
And, on a fangirl note, could Lincoln be any hotter!? Yowza!

Poor, poor T-Bag. Give him an award already.
Why would Susan's house still have electricity? That's one of the first things you do when you move, you shut it off. And wouldn't people notice music coming from a house that was just recently moved out of?
And in the most unnecessary PB moment... the toilet scene. Why didn't they just buy laxatives? That would have saved time and money. Note to self: do not swallow chew juice.
And why didn't the handcuff key come out too?
And that hand is about to go. I guess we won't have the pleasure of seeing it rot off. Darn.

Bellick deserved to get a tenderizer to the head. Poor Roy. He had to dig thru poop and do all Brad's bidding. Oh well.

Sucre told Maricruz that there was a llama for the baby to ride. DOesn't that seem a little dangerous?! He's too cute. :o) And Michael gave him the slip of paper with Bolshoi Booze written on it, but did he explain it? It might be a little difficult for Sucre to figure it out alone.
And why, oh why did they leave old Maricruz in the flashbacks? That doesn't look too good for Sucre. Maybe they won't end up together after all.

What else... Oh yeah, Michael and Sara met up.
His glasses are still disgusting. His plan to save her sucks. Running away is not a "plan," mister.
I love when they busted thru the gate, the car rips away like it was made of fabric. It was just cool. :o)
Do you think the propane/trapping Mahone thing was to prove Michael can think on the fly?
Michael needs a tetanus shot. Unless he can fashion one out of kitchen spices like he fixed a bullet wound.
The hotel didn't ask for ID, how did Kellerman find her? He can trace the car to the town, but not to the exact location of the car. And it was a different hotel, obviously if they went to the same one Mahone would have been able to find them.
And how cute was it that Sara turned into the mom? Put on your seatbelt, go get cleaned up... That just proves that the boys need a girl around. ;o)

Sara's thought on Michael chasing a high were genius! Why didn't we think of that?

Next week: Sara is literally holding the key to the whole thing... on her key ring.
The biggest secret of the season?! What!?
I think our injured coyote is the priest, but why is Michael crying?

C'mon, tell me what'cha thought.
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