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Two reviews of "Rendezvous"

From Sign on San Diego:
Ok, everybody together…Holy, um, crap!

This episode had everything that has been at times lacking this season: Michael outsmarting his nemesis, sexual tension between Scof and Sara, a little more of the shroud pulled back on the conspiracy, Linc's dad saving the day, numerous double-crosses, and one hell of a cliffhanger.

The only thing it left me wanting was the re-emergence of the Pres. Maybe throw in a solid man-slap of that annoying dude Kellerman is answering to, and this would have been the best episode of the year. I mean he likes to bark orders, but the only thing he ever actually does is get driven around in the back of town cars, and pace the tops of city buildings wearing his Bluetooth earpiece. I seriously hope Kellerman gets to give him a piece.

I think the show has finally grown into itself on the outside. We’ve gotten away from all the fugitives' stumbling upon one another, and things finally feel like they matter. I had really had enough of the pathetic episodes like when Scof and Sucre were stuck in a river for the entire hour. Now the pacing is back, and I’m back on the edge of my seat.

Episode grade: A

Cliffhangers to ponder:
-Will T-Bag get away?
-Into whose hands will the money fall next?
-What tricks do Linc’s father have up his sleeve regarding his little mole problem?
-How will Michael save Sara from Kellerman?


From the Arizona Star:
'Prison Break' -- It's payback time

Jeff Commings
The meeting happened. Michael and Sara actually met.

And Sara walked out on Michael. Just as I predicted she would, though the kinky side of me (which comes out as much as Nikki’s alter ego on “Heroes”) wanted Michael and Sara to forgive each other with a night of torrid sex in the Sundown Motel.

This came after an entire day of Sara following Michael blindly into a game of chicken with Mahone and risking getting a bullet in the head. All in a day’s work.

But Sara was certain she’d made a mistake by leaving Michael alone in the hotel. But before she could head back to the lovelorn Michael, she found herself staring down the barrel of Lance’s gun. Oops, that’s actually Kellerman. I’m sure Sara will realize that her former best friend isn’t keen on a day of shopping at the Home Depot. I’d be more upset that he put on the whole gay act. What a tease.

But Kellerman wasn’t excited about going after Sara. He was certain he could track down Lincoln and LJ, who escaped the Willcox police by a team hired by Lincoln’s father. In matter of minutes (in TV time), father and son were in Colorado at Dad’s mansion, where they were sure Dad could help clear Lincoln’s name. But when we left them, they were seconds away from working on a way to escape the bullets of the spy on the inside. Mr. Kim, he’s a crafty fella. He can get anybody in anywhere, even on the team of a man who’s been reclusive for more than 20 years.

Overall, this pisode underwhelmed me. I know they can’t all be gems, but last week set up this episode to be one of the most tense yet. All it did was create more cliffhangers: Is Bellick going to catch Patterson and get back he $5 million? Is T-Bag going to have to tear off his hand to escape the cops? Is Kellerman going to run off with Sara and live his life as Lance?

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