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Escape is just the beginning.
Sign on San Diego review of "Unearthed" 
31st-Oct-2006 07:13 pm
LP: Ned blue
Spoilers from last night, obviously :o)

Prison Break: Oct. 30
To quickly recap:
-Scofield nearly gets caught trying to steal some nitroglycerin from a botanical garden. The reason for which we don’t know.
-We have a vengeful -- or possibly loving -- T-Bag, looking for his former girlfriend, end up getting captured (and tortured) by Bellick and co. after he stashed the money in a locker somewhere.
-We have C-Note calling in a favor and pulling one over on the feds watching his wife. Well, at least in as much as he was able to reconnect with his wife and baby girl and elude the agents. But you could see in his face that "awe crap" look of what the hell is he going to do now.

-We have Sara assuming the identity of the woman she witnessed being gunned down last episode and traveling cross country to meet up with Scofield in New Mexico.
-We have Scofield doing a Mahone impersonation and learning everything he could about the agent chasing him. Gotta love those media leaks! Also gotta love the public library. In about five minutes, Scofield was able to solve the case of the missing Oscar Shales, fashion himself a fake FBI ID and find the address of Mahone’s ex-wife. He’s like a tattooed MacGyver for the 2000s.
-We have Mahone dropping back into loony mode and digging up Shales after Scofield confronts him (over the phone) about the skeleton under his bird bath.
-And we have poor Linc, who gets made at a rest stop with LJ, ditches the car and gets nabbed running from a train station.
The episode plays like Act. II of a play. We see all of our characters in some dire situation. It’s sort of par for the course with Fox, but I’m guessing that our felonious protagonists won’t easily escape their situations in the next episode.
What we will see in the next episode is some heat in the form of Sara and Michael meeting up again, in essence, for the first time. It will surely be bittersweet, for Michael, as he gains a lover but may have lost his brother.
I’m eager to see what happens there, because the cast has been so male dominant this season, what with the president jumping ship to another show on another network, and Sara not being a regular sight. But I won’t even pretend to make any more predictions because I’m about 0-12 through the first third of the season and I have no idea where this show is going.

Episode grade: A+

1st-Nov-2006 01:52 am (UTC)
Cool A+! I loved this episode as well.
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