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Last night's numbers

No demos or averages or shares here! We’re talking ratings in language you can understand. Here’s how last night’s numbers broke down...

Heroes: 14.74 million viewers. The super Heroes flew to new heights last night, raking in their highest numbers yet.

Prison Break: 8.96 million. An increase of almost 500, 000 fans for our favorite fugitives, as compared with last week.

Friday Night Lights: 8.29 million. The Panthers scored close to 2 million more spectators this week, subbing for Studio 60. No laughing matter for 60, however, is the fact that it garnered only 7.7 million in the same timeslot last week.

The Bachelor: 8.23 million. The hometown dates kept Prince Borghese on par with last week’s performance.

Justice: 6.5 million. Spy Daddy’s new show is making slight but steady improvements since moving to the post-Prison spot last week.

What About Brian: 6.44 million. Brian’s on an upswing as he gets back into the dating world. Wouldn’t say he’s on fire, but he’s making a few moves.

Everybody Hates Chris: 3.56 million. That Chris is slowly but surely growing bigger and bigger every week.

With all the CBS shows, including CSI: Miami, Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother on repeats last night, it seems there were plenty of peeps to go around for everyone.

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