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Escape is just the beginning.
"Unearthed" discussion 
31st-Oct-2006 08:08 am
LP: Ned blue
Reminder: the AmEx preview can be seen here. Use Fat Joe and 1-800-528-4800 as your ticket in. :o) Oh, and Happy Halloween!

So this certainly was not my favorite episode; I was a little bored by the C-Note stuff. Anyhow, here are my thoughts.

First, don't get me started on the hard drive thing again. I may scream.

Lincoln needs sunglasses. He's going to get wrinkly getting all that sun AND squinting. You can really tell when he was in the car with LJ. What happened to his sunglasses? Didn't he have some before? And how sad was the fight between Linc and LJ? "I'm not a pro at being a con." Aww.
I was also loving the friendly banter between Lincoln and LJ about the girls. LJ said he was watching the girls in the parking lot to make sure they weren't looking at them. "With what, their asses?"

I love the voiceover as Michael was looking up all the info on Mahone... Mahone talking about knowing your enemy and all that jazz. BTW, I think I may be in love with Wayne Merrick. Although I'd like to know how he trimmed his scruffy face down. His whiskers were shorter, but not short enough to look like he shaved.
Mike just keeps getting more adorable. And gutsy. Especially with stealing Pam's phone and calling Alex. And he knows that Mahone can't stand to lose control. That's how he can get to him, keep telling him things are beyond his control. Genius!

And Mahone has a kid?! Yikes.

C-Note's got some good friends. They didn't even ask any questions, they just took an escaped con right into their group. And could Lady Fed have been a bigger bitch to Mrs. C-Note?! Holy crap. I wanted to smack her!
And C-Note doesn't have a plan for his family, does he? Mrs. C asked and his face was blank. There's nothing going on in his head.

How in the world did Kellerman figure out Sara was using Kelli Foster's ID? Unless the dead woman had been DNA tested or something, there wasn't anything to know who she was after Sara took her wallet, right? That stuff drives me nuts! And BTW, Kelli sure knows her states. I forgot all that after I left middle school. :o/

Poor T-Bag. I figured Susan had moved right after he got out. 52 letters?! He must have loved her. Do you think he went there to kill her or woo her? He looked pretty heartbroken that she was gone.

What did Bellick mean when he asked T about Dr. Denton's and an old lunch box? I didn't understand that at all. EDIT: Dr. Denton's are what I would call footsie pajamas. They're for little kids. Although I'm not sure what a lunch box would be doing in bed...

And pulling out the stitches?!! AAHH!!

Have no fear, I know what happens next. To Linc and LJ, that is. :o)
Oh, and I know about the nitro, what it's needed for and all that, and I'm starting to think Mike's a bit of a bad ass.

As for the previews, I got a press kit with a pair of cheap aviator glasses to celebrate the new Hunter S. Thompson movie. I'm talking cheesy. I think Michael may have stolen my glasses because that's the only excuse for those crappy-ass glasses he's wearing next week. :o)

You know I want your help. I can't think well on my own. Talk to me.
31st-Oct-2006 01:20 pm (UTC)
C-Note: One of those friends was his brother in law, I think, he's the one who got him the job driving the truck, and because he didn't rat them out, they owe him.

Lady Fed Lang is SUCH a bitch, but I think she might have talked to the media, just to piss Mahone off, she's hoping that guy has a brain tumor or something.

31st-Oct-2006 01:45 pm (UTC)
she's hoping that guy has a brain tumor or something

Ha! Who could blame her, he's a dink!

I figured one of those C-Buddies was his brother in law, just by the way he was talking to them. But still, that's pretty awesome the way they dropped everything to help him. You know, even if they did put him in jail in the first place. :o)
31st-Oct-2006 01:25 pm (UTC)
i totally didn't expect Linc and Lj to get caught like that.
i love that Michael was such a badass. He looked like "Clark Went" in his glasses!
Poor T-bag he was so bummed..but seriously did he think she'd stay in the same house when she heard he got out?
I personally can't stand C-note..he's boring and he's a damn freeloader.as for his friends, they're pretty much cons too so no biggie there for them.
i hope he gets the axe asap.
31st-Oct-2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
i totally didn't expect Linc and Lj to get caught like that

I knew they'd be caught. But I wasn't sure how. :o)

Since two cons are headed back to Fox River, my fingers are crossed that C-Note is one of them.
31st-Oct-2006 01:53 pm (UTC)
Personally, I didn't like the ep all that much - mainly cuz I really couldn't care less about what happens to C-Note. Loved the Michael sexy phone voice and the little quips between Linc and LJ (lol @ the staring with their asses thing).

I found that there were so many far-fetched - more than usual - moments in this episode though. For example: Sarah solving that Sundown Hotel thing with the burger wrapper? And the whole "which state?" "... all of them?" Haha, she's lucky she only had three to choose from, eh? Oh and I always thought that the 63 at the end meant the room number, guess I was wrong.

Michael pretty much Googling the personal details of FBI Agent Mahone was another one of those riiiiight moments. Oh well, it just meant more 5 o'clock shadow!Mikey airtime. Why did he take his picture and dump it on the desktop? I kept watching that and I couldn't figure it out, lol I guess the next user gets a pretty face to look at though when they open up the comp.

But anyway, after those spoilerific pics posted earlier, I think I set my standards a little too high for this ep so I'm gonna think of it as the calm before the storm... if that makes any sense :D
31st-Oct-2006 02:07 pm (UTC)
You make perfect sense.

He stuck his picture on the desktop so he could use it to make his fake FBI badge later. :o)

I can't believe there are only THREE Sundown Hotels in the country. Whatever. There's even one near my town.

Yeah, there were a bunch of far-fetched moments in this one. I must have said "Oh please!" or "Yeah, right" five times. Oh well, it is what it is. I accept it.
31st-Oct-2006 02:18 pm (UTC)
For some reason I didn't even wonder how Kellerman found out Kelli made plane tickets. Maybe they did check the DNA once Sarah called that guy and told him what happened before she realized he was in on it.

What I couldn't understand was, didn't C-note ask for both his 'girls' to be there waiting for him? How would he know that his daughter would be in school and have a guy waiting to pick her up?

Oh and I agree about Lincoln, I don't want him to get all wrinkly :(
31st-Oct-2006 02:28 pm (UTC)
C-Note is dumb. He's taking his wife down with him because he didn't think anything through. He should have had his daughter before he went for his wife.

It looks like the feds will stick DeeDee in foster care; mom and dad are going to jail if they're caught.
31st-Oct-2006 03:36 pm (UTC)
C-Note's friends better have helped him. He didn't rat them out when he went to jail. They owe him! Plus, Darius is his bil.

Mrs. C called hubby Benjamin whereas before when she spoke to him on the phone she called him Miles (his middle name). Maybe she was just in shock, but continuity people.

I liked this episode. The woman who played Mrs. Mahone is pretty. I was surprised to see her as a brunette since in pictures I've seen of her she's been a blonde.

I loved Michael's look when he interviewed Mrs. M. And where does he keep coming up with these disguises. Obviously, Linc does not have the same knack.

I didn't think we needed to know that LJ lost his virginity at age 13 to a 17-year-old. That kinda smells like statutory rape or something to me. Plus, this is how he looks at 16. He must have been really scrawny at 13. I don't buy it, but Linc's all, That's my boy! *groan* That whole converse was a little vulgar.

My poor little LJ got hit by a car. And Linc has been captured. Obviously they get out of it so I'm not worried.

I'm glad Sara figured out the code, even without the last crane. But it's only supposed to be June 1 or so? C'mon! It's got to be later than that.

I felt Michael's pain when he found out about David. From the previews it appears that Michael realizes that Mahone wants the fugitives captured dead or dead.

LOVED it when Michael called Mahone on Pam's phone. How you like them apples Alex? I guess Alex still lives in the house he had when he was married, but Pam and son moved. How convenient that they moved to Colorado and not say, Maine.

Poor T-Bag, but did he really think Susie would be waiting on her front steps for him to appear. C'mon now! And of course, T has a blade. Now he just has to get to it. But yikes, c'mon, I think I'd tell them where the money is just to avoid having my hand ripped off again. That was painful.

Instead of walking (I mean they're in Arizona and have to get to New Mexico, right?), Linc should have switched license plates with another car. He could have gone to a mall or something and found another car similar to the one he had and switched license plates so even if that girl saw his license plate number, he'd be okay. Plus, I'm sure Jeannette told the police her car was stolen and they were already on the lookout for that plate.

Plus, Linc telling LJ that the charges were dropped and he could live his life is not completely true. The charges were dropped because the evidence disappeared, but that evidence could reappear just as easily as it disappeared should LJ's incarceration fit their purposes. They only released LJ to catch Linc and I'm sure they would have no qualms about recharging LJ to try and lure Linc back or just to stick it to Linc so LJ doesn't really have any choice but to go with his dad and uncle.

BTW, I got a phone call about 8:30 p.m. last night. I told my mother I wasn't taking any calls so she told the person I was watching PB. Turned out it was my alma mater calling. Last time they called, the Mets' playoff game was about to start. Timing is everything.
31st-Oct-2006 06:43 pm (UTC)
I loved Michael's look when he interviewed Mrs. M. And where does he keep coming up with these disguises. Obviously, Linc does not have the same knack.

I think he's pretty sure that those sunglasses are a disguise. :o)

Yeah, LJ and the tutor was an icky moment. I even said "Eww" to my bf.

Michael looked pretty horrified to find out about Tweener. I think he really was starting to like him - and trust him - toward the end.

Even if the evidence reappeared, could they try him again? Wouldn't that be double jeopardy?

Good thinking on the car and the plates, though. Would have been a heck of a lot easier than walking. And I think I would have kept driving on back roads until I got as close as possible to where I needed to be rather than ditching the car as soon as the girl recognized me.

BTW I got a phone call around 8:30 too! I refused to answer it so the machine picked up and it was my sister talking as loud as possible, "I know you're home and I know I'm calling during one of your shows..." Ah!! I missed a whole bunch of T-Bag's flashbacks to happy times with Susan. I could have killed her! (My sister, not Susan. :o) )
31st-Oct-2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
Linc had his sunglasses some of the time...he had them when they were at the train station and the guy noticed them and went and got the cop. Which by the way, when are cops ever that handy? If I ever needed one, there would not be one close by.

I felt sorry for T-Bag too, which just shows the Rob Knepper deserves an Emmy. He's amazing. Bellick's remarks meant that for T-Bag to get turned on enough to make love to Mrs. Hollander she would have needed PJ's and a lunch box, to seem like a little kid. He was being meaner than I've ever seen Bellick be (oh, until I watched the Amer Ex preview, whew! Wade Williams ought to get an Emmy for playing so against type).

I adored Michael as Wayne Merrick too. Those glasses just worked for me. I love his *I'm acting as someone else* smooth talking he does. I also find I like Michael a lot more without Lincoln. When Linc's around Michael's not as put together. Just an observation. Plus I just think Linc's so hot, I find it hard to admire anyone else in his presence.

Linc and LJ...assuming they survive this *cough* daddy *cough* really have a lot to work on relationship wise. Linc's too quick to be the boss and LJ has not had him around enough to respond well to that. I love Dom and Marsh together. They are magic.
31st-Oct-2006 06:32 pm (UTC)
You made so many good points that I can't respond to them all (I'm at work :o) ).

Seriously, who carries sunglasses around to wear as a disguise but won't wear them when he obviously needs them to block the sun while driving? Jeez.

Rob's Emmy nom. Great idea. Wade's not so much (but that's just because I'm mad at him right now).

I find that I like Linc more when he's away from Michael too. Don't get me wrong, I love them together, but alone you get to see more of the character's real personality. They're both great alone.
31st-Oct-2006 07:35 pm (UTC)
First, great icon.

Second, I also love LJ and Linc together--Marshall and Dom whatever. LJ was ready to jump ship the minute he thought Dad didn't want him around.

Linc/Dom is hot, but I was very disappointed with Dom yesterday. I think he is using his shirt buttons and that greatly dismays me. If Linc had his shirt unbuttoned, the ladies would be looking at his chest not his face and as his chest is not on the wanted posters, he'd never be made.

I too was so thinking that Rob needs to be nominated for an Emmy, but I thought that last year as well.

Here's my take on maybe why Linc is not wearing his sunglasses. Remember that show "Beverly Hills 90210"? I remember reading a review where the reviewer did not like it that Ian Ziering's character wore sunglasses in a heartfelt scene because it cheated viewers out of seeing more emotion from Ian. Maybe Dom/Linc is not wearing sunglasses so viewers and LJ can see into Linc's eyes during various scenes. The eyes are the windows to our souls after all.

The police are never that handy. Especially in what seems to be small towns.

And in case I didn't mention it, I totally think Linc is hot. I still love Michael, but Linc is totally violating the heat ordinance.

31st-Oct-2006 08:08 pm (UTC)
Michael must have a great arm if he could have thrown his computer from the balcony into the lake.

When Michael talked on the phone with Mahone, Michael sounded like jigsaw in the movie "Saw" creepy.

C-Note's wife is cute, I think C-Note is hot but I wouldn't be that stupid for him.

I don't think even the feds can put kids in foster care, they leave it up to the states these days and most of the time some family member gets custody.

Mahone was digging up the grave wearing his dress shirt and a tie, desperate.
31st-Oct-2006 08:31 pm (UTC)
Mahone's crazy.

Michael ripped out the hard drive and tossed that into the water, not the actual computer. Although my mac is teeny tiny, I could throw it into the water and not hurt my arm. Then again, I'm much more muscular than Went. ;o)

Don't you think that if he's working with The Company that Mahone could get DeeDee taken away? At any rate, if D-Note and the Mrs are both in jail custody will have to be given to someone else. Unless she's also convicted of aiding a felon. Stick the kid in jail too! :o)
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