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"Unearthed" discussion

Reminder: the AmEx preview can be seen here. Use Fat Joe and 1-800-528-4800 as your ticket in. :o) Oh, and Happy Halloween!

So this certainly was not my favorite episode; I was a little bored by the C-Note stuff. Anyhow, here are my thoughts.

First, don't get me started on the hard drive thing again. I may scream.

Lincoln needs sunglasses. He's going to get wrinkly getting all that sun AND squinting. You can really tell when he was in the car with LJ. What happened to his sunglasses? Didn't he have some before? And how sad was the fight between Linc and LJ? "I'm not a pro at being a con." Aww.
I was also loving the friendly banter between Lincoln and LJ about the girls. LJ said he was watching the girls in the parking lot to make sure they weren't looking at them. "With what, their asses?"

I love the voiceover as Michael was looking up all the info on Mahone... Mahone talking about knowing your enemy and all that jazz. BTW, I think I may be in love with Wayne Merrick. Although I'd like to know how he trimmed his scruffy face down. His whiskers were shorter, but not short enough to look like he shaved.
Mike just keeps getting more adorable. And gutsy. Especially with stealing Pam's phone and calling Alex. And he knows that Mahone can't stand to lose control. That's how he can get to him, keep telling him things are beyond his control. Genius!

And Mahone has a kid?! Yikes.

C-Note's got some good friends. They didn't even ask any questions, they just took an escaped con right into their group. And could Lady Fed have been a bigger bitch to Mrs. C-Note?! Holy crap. I wanted to smack her!
And C-Note doesn't have a plan for his family, does he? Mrs. C asked and his face was blank. There's nothing going on in his head.

How in the world did Kellerman figure out Sara was using Kelli Foster's ID? Unless the dead woman had been DNA tested or something, there wasn't anything to know who she was after Sara took her wallet, right? That stuff drives me nuts! And BTW, Kelli sure knows her states. I forgot all that after I left middle school. :o/

Poor T-Bag. I figured Susan had moved right after he got out. 52 letters?! He must have loved her. Do you think he went there to kill her or woo her? He looked pretty heartbroken that she was gone.

What did Bellick mean when he asked T about Dr. Denton's and an old lunch box? I didn't understand that at all. EDIT: Dr. Denton's are what I would call footsie pajamas. They're for little kids. Although I'm not sure what a lunch box would be doing in bed...

And pulling out the stitches?!! AAHH!!

Have no fear, I know what happens next. To Linc and LJ, that is. :o)
Oh, and I know about the nitro, what it's needed for and all that, and I'm starting to think Mike's a bit of a bad ass.

As for the previews, I got a press kit with a pair of cheap aviator glasses to celebrate the new Hunter S. Thompson movie. I'm talking cheesy. I think Michael may have stolen my glasses because that's the only excuse for those crappy-ass glasses he's wearing next week. :o)

You know I want your help. I can't think well on my own. Talk to me.
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