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Prison Break Recap - Episode 208 - Dead Fall

I got the opportunity to fill in on the recap for last week's Prison Break episode, and it's now up at Fandom Talk!

Previously on Prison Break: There was a prison break. Also, Mahone went batshit crazy, Tweener bit it, Bellick and Geary were inept as usual, Papa Tancredi bit it, Sara walked in on her own suicide scene, LJ was set up as bait for Lincoln, and the Breakout Boys found Westmoreland's $5 million. Finally, Sucre pulled a gun on his fellow escapees, clearly deciding that being a traitorous dimwit was better than being a lovable dimwit.

Sucre waves around his big weapon (dirty!) and demands all the money. C-Note is appalled that Sucre is robbing them but Sucre reminds him that the money isn't theirs and he's only robbing the robbers. I guess Sucre has never heard of that whole "honor among thieves" thing. Michael asks Sucre if he really wants to do this, after all those night of sweet, sweet lovemaking everything they've been through. Sucre's all, "You're pretty, but you're not as pretty as $5 million." Some people would disagree with that, Sucre. He orders Michael to hand over the backpack of cash (cashpack?), which Michael does, and when T-Bag threatens that he's outnumbered, Sucre points out that he may not be able to get away if they rush him but he will be able to shoot at least two of them. The others back down and Sucre scampers out the door. Michael clutches his head in despair as C-Note and T-Bag rant about Sucre's betrayal and vow to retrieve the money.

Michael's had enough of their bitching and stalks into the kitchen (rhyme totally unintentional, I swear), where he finds a knife and puts it in Jeanette's hand. He tells her that if she starts cutting now, she should be able to free herself from her bindings in about an hour. C-Note has followed Michael into the house and asks what they're going to do next. Michael, grabbing some cords, says he doesn't care what C-Note does but he's not going to let T-Bag remain free. C-Note catches on and thinks leaving T-Bag as a gift for the cops to find is a splendid idea. Of course, when Michael and C-Note return to the garage, they see that T-Bag has already split. Michael flings the rope to the ground in a patented Michael Scofield Hissyfit but, really, what did he expect? For T-Bag to just sit around and wait to be sacrified to the police? Has he met T-Bag? C-Note, finally grasping that Michael doesn't have all the much control over things, decides to skedaddle.

Read the rest at Fandom Talk!
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