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Spoilers for Monday's episode thru the fall finale

Episode 2.09: Unearthed(Airdate: October 30, 2006)
10/25 - In the October 30 episode, Mahone will literally be digging for clues, T-Bag will be looking rather fashionable, and Lincoln and LJ will be driving and walking to Utah. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
10/20 - Michael looks up Mahone's ex-wife (Callie Thorne) and discovers something telling about his pursuer. And Sara figures out what the numbers on the origami birds mean, learning where to meet Michael in the process. Trouble is, so do Kellerman and Mahone. Linc and LJ head for the rendezvous point, too. Meanwhile, C-Note returns to Chicago for a rendezvous with Kacee and Dede, but Lang gets to them first; and T-Bag seeks out Ms. Hollander, but stops first to buy some flowers. Source: TV Guide Online
10/20 - Michael puts the moves on Mahone's wife in hopes of digging up dirt on his pursuer. Lincoln and LJ have an uneasy road trip; C-Notes wife must choose between her husband and daughter; and T-Bag gets an unwelcome surprise while looking for a lost love. Guest Cast: Callie Thorne as Pamela Mahone; Matt DeCaro as Geary; Jason Davis as Wheeler; Barbara Eve Harris as Lang; Cynthia Kaye McWilliams as Kacee Franklin; Helena Klevorn as Dede Franklin; Mike Jones as Darius. Source: FOX
09/11 - Agent Mahone's ex-wife Pam (played by Callie Thorne) surfaces when Michael drops by her house to do a background check on Mahone. She still doesn't really know why she and Mahone parted ways years ago after his behavior changed dramatically and suddenly. We see flashes of Mahone doing a press conference about a dead escapee. Source:

Episode 2.10: Rendezvous (Airdate: November 6, 2006
10/23 - Michael and Sarah's reunion is anything but romantic as Mahone and Kellerman are determined to keep them apart permanently; Lincoln receives some help from a father figure as LJ meets a long-lost relative; Sucre plans a getaway with Maricruz; and T-Bag runs into a familiar face while holding the key to his freedom. Guest Cast: Tony Denison as Aldo Burrows; Kristin Lehman as Jane Phillips; Melissa Marsala as Maricruz Delgado; Matt DeCaro as Geary; Jason Davis as Wheeler; Barbara Eve Harris as Lang; Reggie Lee as Bill Kim; Rachel Leora as Theresa Delgado; Kurt Caceres as Hector. Source: FOX
10/23 - Michael and Sara find each other in New Mexico, but Mahone finds them both. In Arizona, Lincoln and LJ get into another auto wreck. And in Nebraska, Sucre tries desperately to get in touch with Maricruz (Melissa Marsala) by phone. Meanwhile, Bellick and Geary keep the heat on T-Bag. Source: TV Guide Online
09/27 - Next time we see Sucre's girlfriend, Maricruz, she may look very different. I hear they're recasting the role, which makes sense considering Camille Guaty is now on The Nine. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
09/21 - Sucre is waiting for Maricruz to call him from Theresa's house but he can't get to the phone at the planned time. Later, Theresa and Maricruz are at the airport where they are set to take a plane to Belize. Source:

Episode 2.11: Bolshoi Booze (Airdate: November 13, 2006)
10/28 - Lincoln must say goodbye to yet another loved one as he attempts to reunite with Michael; Michael's attempt to secure a getaway plane is grounded; Mahone deciphers a crucial puzzle piece; T-Bag gets his revenge on his tormentors; and Sarah and Kellerman have a tense face-off that leaves one of them gasping for their last breath. Guest Cast: Tony Denison as Aldo Burrows; Kristin Lehman as Jane Phillips; Callie Thorne as Pam Mahone; Matt DeCaro as Geary; Jason Davis as Wheeler; Barbara Eve Harris as Lang; Reggie Lee as Bill Kim. Source: FOX
10/23 - T-Bag must make the ultimate sacrifice to get his hand on Westmoreland’s millions, while Lincoln says goodbye to another loved one. Source: FOX
10/20 - Bellick will find himself in hot water when his quest for Westmoreland's money starts to get him in trouble with the law. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
10/18 - Michael meets with "Coyote," a tough and ruthless Hispanic man with whom he is dealing a plane to head to Panama. The exchange is medical nitroglycerin for the plane ride. But things turn bloody and sour when Coyote finds out he is given sugar. And this is only part of the problem as Michael and Lincoln are not together. T-Bag is out on a revenge against Geary. Sara is tortured. Bellick is interrogated about a homicide by Katherine Slattery, a 40-year-old Kansas detective. Source:

Episode 2.12: Disconnect (Airdate: November 20, 2006)
10/25 - Looks like Geary may not be working for much longer... Bellick may be in hot water because of it. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
10/23 - Bellick makes a stunning confession, C-Note’s journey has an arresting development and Michael and Lincoln make their final flight for the border – but will Mahone ground their plans? Source: FOX
10/23 - Bellick gives info to Slattery about what brought him to Tribune, Kansas, that Geary and he eventually split up, and that he thinks T-Bag may have sought revenge on Geary. Bellick agrees to help Slattery nail T-Bag. Source:
10/18 - Detective Katherine Slattery, introduced in 2.11, is set to appear in episode 2.12. Source:

Episode 2.13: The Killing Box (Fall Finale) (Airdate: November 27, 2006)
10/28 - T-Bag sweeps off her feet a very lonely Post Office worker in order to get an address. T-Bag also pretends to be a wounded ex-soldier to get info from an ex-sergeant. Bellick faces the music but is represented by an unmotivated public defender who gives one of the most lame plea to save his client. Source:
10/25 - Two escapees are recaptured and sent back towards Fox River. One man gets new living situations. Sara must make some alterations to stay alive. One escapee commits a crime. Source:
10/23 - Bellick gets a taste of his own medicine, T-Bag has an unexpected helping hand in getting revenge and alliances are turned upside-down once again. Source: FOX

General Spoilers:
10/11 - Look for the body count to rise [as there will be] at least two [more]: one major and one not so major. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
10/04 - [Michael and Sara will be reunited:] 1) November, 2) sweeps, 3) hotel, 4) room. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

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