Andrea (icrumple) wrote in _prisonbreak,

Fox Fall Party Interviews [Ausiello+Kristin Veitch]


  • From E's Kristin

    From Yuni: Any scoop on Prison Break? The show doesn't have the same zip it did last year, but I'm still hooked. Paul Adelstein (Kellerman) teases:…

  • From E's Kristin

    From Joanna: Tell me every delicious moment about your time with Wentworth. Do not leave anything out. You’re my kinda girl, Joanna. Wentworth…

  • Question for Went or Dom or Sarah or Robert or...

    From E's Kristin: And by the way, I'm hitting a hot Fox party this week, with castmembers of all Fox shows—Justice, Prison Break, 24, The O.C., etc.…

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