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Denis to the ‘Rescue?’ Callie sure hopes so! *PB casting news!!*

“Rescue Me” fans aren’t the only ones dying to know the answer to the burning, season-ending question: Will Tommy Gavin and psycho Sheila Keefe survive the blazing beach house inferno?

Callie Thorne, the Lincoln homegal who plays Denis Leary’s on-again, off-again galpal Sheila, says she is all hot and bothered to know if her character survives!

“Let’s face it, they aren’t going to kill off Denis,” Thorne told the Track. “So I keep asking them, ‘Does Sheila survive? Does Sheila survive?’They won’t tell me!”

All Leary and his co-writer Peter Tolan will say is that Callie can always come back as a ghost in the FX dramedy - which she’s not really all that fired up about!

“Rescue Me” fans will recall that when we last left Gavin & Co. Sheila had drugged Tommy and set fire to the beach house after the fired-up firefighter informed her that he wouldn’t be retiring and moving to the shore with her. The series has been renewed for Spring 2007 - which is when fans - and Thorne - will find out her fate.

“They wouldn’t kill off the best actress on TV,” said Thorne’s supportive co-star Michael Lombardi, aka the sometimes-gay Probie. BTW, Lombardi - who walked the red carpet with Thorne atMohegan Sun this past weekend - said he’s pretty sure his character will go straight again next season.

As for Thorne, even if she goes to that big beach house in the sky, she’s still got plenty of work. Callie was just cast to play crazy lawman William Fichtner’s ex-wife in the hit FOX drama “Prison Break.”

“All the guys on the‘Prison Break’ crew are ex-firefighters - and big ‘Rescue Me’ fans,” she said. “They all keep asking me what’s gonna happen. They don’t believe me when I say I don’t know.”

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