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Monday's ratings

No demos or averages or shares here! We’re talking ratings in language you can understand. Here’s how last night’s numbers broke down...


CSI Miami: 17.5 million viewers. Staying strong for CBS, the heat is still kickin’ in Miami.

Two and a Half Men: 15.1 million viewers. Down more than a million viewers this week, but still the second most watched show on Monday night.

Heroes: 14.3 million viewers. Last night was Heroes' highest rated episode ever in the all-important 18-49 age group! NBC president Kevin Reilly is kissing the ground they walk on right about now.


How I Met Your Mother: 9.8 million viewers. A good, solid number and up from last week.

Prison Break: 8.5 million viewers. Maybe no one knew it was a new ep, ‘cause this is not a great number for our favorite fugitives.

The Bachelor: 8.2 million viewers. Lost almost 2 million peeps from last week.

The Class: 8.1 million viewers. Slipping slightly, week to week.

Everybody Hates Chris: 3.2 million viewers. Gained a couple hundred thousand fans last night.


Studio 60: 7.7 million viewers. It didn’t get beat by Brian this week but still isn’t drawing the audience it should.

What About Brian: 6 million viewers. Sadly, it has slipped back down to its premiere-week numbers, which isn’t a good sign.

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