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"Dead Fall" Discussion

Reminder: the AmEx preview can be seen here. Use Fat Joe and 1-800-528-4800 as your ticket in. :o)

Once again I've got a few things I want to mull over. And, like normal, I think better with your help. :o)

Let's see ...
I totally knew Sucre and Mike were working together; Sucre would never do that to Michael, he seems to be the first person to have ever been a real friend to Sucre.

C-Note and T-Bag were great in the beginning! You could totally see the devastation in their eyes. And even though T-Bag was faking, he was amazing at it! Best line from T-Bag? "Thought you was compadres, Tattoo."

My next T-Bag thought? Genius! And I'm glad he's going to find his former girlfriend - Is her name Susan? I forget. It's totally within his character and I think I would have been a little sad without it. But you'd think she would have moved by now. I know that if my serial killer ex had threatened to kill me and knew exactly where I lived, I would have left town.

Back to Sucre, though. My first reaction to his being stuck in the water was sheer disgust. All I kept thinking was that his feet would be all pruny. And I despise pruny appendages. :o) But I loved the Mike-Sucre dynamic. They're great together. In fact, if it doesn't work out with Maricruz and Sara, maybe the boys should think about hooking up.

Now Michael's use of a branch to try and lift a huge log? Ingenious! (yeah, that was sarcasm, sorry) And I live near a few dams, and I've never heard those noises. This one signals the locks are being opened? Psh. I'd have no idea.

Michael's dramatic jump off the bank to save Sucre? No more stunts, please. BTW, the amount of time Sucre had been underwater was far too long for him to be able to free himself. He would have been unconscious or choking at the time. But this is PB, and I'll ignore that little bit. :o)

How could Michael and Sucre get cars with no insurance or registrations? I know in NY you need both to be able to take a car off a lot. But again, it's PB.

And Sara? What a bad-ass! She was awesome in the beginning. Any disagree that the man who came to kill her was the same guy who bagged Veronica?
It's starting to look like nobody is on Sara's side... driving her right to Michael. Yay!

Once again: How to Kellerman and Mahone know about the birds? The origami stayed between Michael and Linc and Michael and Sara. Michael wasn't going around flaunting his paper-folding skills to people. He gave one to Abruzzi, but I doubt he gave it to the government. Did he?

Jeanette killed me with her descriptions: "the Spaniard," "the pretty one," "the black fella" and "that dirty Southerner."

Crap. Mahone's got the government on his side. And what's this "They all die" stuff? And he needs a haircut.

So? What do you have? I know you've got to disagree with me somewhere. Heck, I didn't even mention LJ and Linc.

PS I told you that Maricruz would be back. Even before the recasting of her part, I said she'd return. :o)
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