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Exclusive! Prison Break Star Quits!

Oh. did I scare you with that headline? :o) This is an add-on to what moposh posted yesterday. But now it's official.

Prison Break is going through Maricruzes like I go through cases of Diet Raspberry Snapple! As I teased in this week's Ask Ausiello, PB producers have recast the role of Sucre's romantically-conflicted girlfriend for the second time in a year. Six Feet Under alum Melissa Marsala has been tapped as Maricruz No. 3, replacing Maricruz No. 2, Camille Guaty, who escaped to star on ABC's The Nine. Considering that Maricruz No. 1, Nadine Velazquez, split for a regular role on My Name is Earl, it's probably a safe bet that a big network show is in Marsala's future. (I hereby nominate J.Lo for Maricruz No. 4!) In the meantime, look for M 3 to debut shortly after PB makes its post-World Series return on Oct. 23. Frakkin' baseball.

This is our new Maricruz.
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