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'BREAK' TIME: Paul Adelstein

Character: Paul Kellerman, a Secret Service agent who lied and killed last season to hide the innocence of Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and keep him on death row. This season, he's gone undercover and joined Sara Tancredi's addiction support group to get information from the former prison doctor about where Burrows and his brother escaped to.

How far will your character go to get information from Dr. Tancredi?
That's a smart question, because it gets to the root of my character. It's about how far he's willing to go in the name of service. He's not an amoral guy, though some would disagree. The people he dealt with last season weren't innocents in his eyes, but Sara Tancredi could be an innocent, so it'll be interesting to see how far he goes without having his own humanity come into the picture.

So you see him as someone who, despite what he knows about Lincoln Burrows' case, still has a human side?
He certainly knows the truth about the case, but he's also loyal to the president and would move mountains for her. He may not realize what's really going on at the top, and that's where he hits a wall in coming episodes.
I did a lot of research on these agents, and to a certain degree, you have to be a robot. But my character's not totally a robot. What's fun is finding the balance between that and his human side.

Which do prefer to play, good guys or bad guys?
I don't have a preference, really. It's certainly fun to play someone who elicits such a strong reaction from people, even if it is negative. The challenging thing is to try to put myself on the other side of the political argument, which is completely opposite the side I'm on myself.
What do fans of the show say to you when they recognize you?
"Oh, you're that guy from Prison Break ... I hate you!" And it's always with a smile. But I enjoy that.

Sarah Wayne Callies told me last week that she'd love to work with George Clooney. You worked with him in Intolerable Cruelty – what advice would you give her?
There's almost no advice to give because he's such a down-to-earth person and actor. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He's never that 800-pound gorilla, and that's pretty rare in Hollywood. I'd tell Sarah to just do her work and enjoy it.

How do you like Dallas?
I've been living in the Uptown area, and I really like being in Texas. I've been doing a lot of driving around. ... My quest is to discover a lot of the old Dallas. Like, I've been to the JFK museum a few times – that's endlessly fascinating. I just went to this vintage store the other day – Dolly Python. It's a great little store. And I bought a great piece at Love Field Antique Mall. I'm staring at it right now and I have no idea how I'm going to get it back home.

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