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new recap

I had a high school reunion this week, so BigKev over at FT swooped in and wrote the recap. Go check out his recap of Episode 205 here. You may lavish praise upon him at the e-mail address at the bottom of the recap, or you can leave it here, and I'll be sure he gets it.


Previously on Prison Break... Agent Mahone figures stuff out wicked fast, pops pills like candy, and is obsessed with his birdbath; Sara’s in trouble for helping Michael, et. al., Agent Kellerman’s alter-ego "Lance" is stalking her, and her not-so-proud papa’s about to become vice president; Tweener’s new friend Debra Jean’s dad is an Air Force Colonel and she’s kinda into Tweener; Sucre’s evil cousin Hector is marrying his girl Maricruz in Vegas; Michael and Linc faked their deaths; and T-Bag is en route to Utah with the convenient assistance of OnStar. All caught up? Aight, let's dive in.


Tags: episode 2.05, fandom talk, map 1213, recap
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