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Once again I give you T-bag/Seth because I am sick and twisted. I guess you could say this is Part 3 of "The Wacky Sexploits of Theodore Bagwell". It's set after Old Head.

Title: Good Boy
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: T-bag/Seth
Rating: NC-17 (Did you expect any less from me?)
Warnings: Non-consentual blah blah blah, it's T-bag so it's gonna be dark, okay?

“You did real good there, Cherry,” T-bag said, ruffling Seth’s hair, “I think it’s about time I rewarded such good behaviour, whaddya think?”
Seth didn’t say anything, he could feel in insides turning. Sure Trokey wasn’t an upstanding guy, not in the least, but he didn’t deserve to be framed for murder. A murder that T-bag himself committed. Seth just sat down on his bunk, staring at his hands.
“I asked you a question, boy,” T-bag said, “Now do you want your reward or not?”
The obvious answer would be no, but Seth knew better. He nodded his head and T-bag smiled.
“Good boy,” he said, then handed Seth a sheet, “Hang this then, would ya?”
Seth took the sheet, performing the act he’d done so many nights before. When he got out he was never sleeping with sheets again. He’d stick with a bare mattress and a blanket.
“Now come here,” T-bag beckoned and Seth meekly obeyed.
T-bag pressed his lips against the boy’s neck, grazing the skin with his teeth. “I’ve got something a little special for you,” he said as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of Seth’s pants and pulled them down.
Sighing, Seth got onto the bunk, lying down on his stomach.
T-bag laughed. This highly amused him. He was in good spirits now that the big old Bob murder was no longer hanging over his head.
“Get up,” he said, chuckling, “Get up.”
Hesitantly, Seth stood up, a look of confusion spreading across his face. T-bag knelt before him, his face inches from the boy’s dick.
“Now you are pretty, aren’t you?” he said, his breath making Seth squirm, “Girlfriend must really love this. She good at giving head?”
Seth knew better than to ignore a question so he just nodded, not knowing what to expect next. This was crazy.
“Bet she can’t do this,” T-bag said as he took the boy into his mouth, his tongue tracing pattern’s across Seth’s skin. Seth felt himself getting hard and involuntarily shuddered.
“Just what I thought,” T-bag said, smiling, “Now this is a one time offer only, so you better enjoy it, Cherry. And you better not do anything you’ll live to regret or I will make sure our next time is a very, very painful experience. Understand me?”
“Yes,” Seth replied, not really knowing how to react to this new development.
T-bag wrapped his hand around Seth’s stiff member and began to move slowly up and down, his other hand resting against the boy’s hip.
Seth bit his lip to hold back a moan as T-bag licked the underside of his dick, then took the head in his mouth.
He was not enjoying this. He could not enjoy this. But despite himself, Seth couldn’t help but make little whimpers as T-bag sucked him off, the murderer’s mouth doing amazing things to him.
T-bag just loved all the pretty little noises Cherry was making. While he did love to inflict pain, really all T-bag wanted to do was please his new cellmates. He wanted them to like him. He wanted them to love him. Sometimes, like in Maytag’s case, he had to take. And sometimes he just had to give. T-bag knew the kid wasn’t long, so he sped up his pace, taking as much of the boy into his mouth as he could. He hoped this would be a night he never forgot.
“Please,” Seth panted, “I’m gonna…”
“Almost there,” T-bag thought.
He couldn’t do this. He would not come in that rapist’s mouth. He would not enjoy this.
“Stop!” Seth yelled and he pushed T-bag away.
T-bag fell backwards, his eyes wide with surprise. The boy had refused him. After all he had done, after being so nice. It was just another rejection for poor little Teddy. The surprise was quickly replaced with anger and he stood up suddenly, his eyes full of fire.
“You just lost your chance, Cherry,” he said, “No more nice for you.”
Seth looked scared. He was standing in the other corner of the cell, his pants still down around his knees, his dick still impossibly hard. T-bag noticed this and smirked.
“Finish it off,” he said.
“Looks like you’re ‘bout ready to explode there,” T-bag said, “So why don’t you finish yourself off?”
Seth was disgusted. After all the humiliations he had suffered, now his final degradation would be jerking off in front of this sick fuck. Gingerly, he reached down and began stroking himself.
“That’s right, Cherry,” T-bag drawled, “Make yourself come.”
The boy had rejected him, but he wasn’t going to let him off that easy. He was still in control, he could still be the one running this show. And he sure as hell was going to make that boy pay later.
“This ain’t gonna be over till you come,” T-bag said, noticing Seth’s less than enthusiastic movements, “So you can do this slow or fast.”
Seth sped up his pace and T-bag smiled in approval.
“Yeah, now that’s what I like.”
Seth felt the tears forming in his eyes, but he held them back. He was not going to cry. He was not going to let this bastard see how much this was affecting him. He jerked himself harder, hoping to get it over with as quickly as possible. He knew he was on the edge. And then he let out a little cry of pleasure as he came, his knees going weak and threatening to give out on him. He heard T-bag laugh and felt sick. He looked over at the killer and noticed an erection tenting the front of his blue standard issue prison pants. Seth wiped his hand on the sheet, then pulled up his pants.
“Uh-uh-uh,” T-bag scolded, “Did I say you could put those back on?”
“But…” Seth protested, then quickly shut up. He knew better than to argue and so he pulled his pants down again.
“You failed that one,” T-bag said, “So now no more Mr. Nice Guy.” He took a pair of shoelaces out from under the mattress, he’d been saving them for a special occasion. “Now put your hands behind your back.”
Seth did as he was told and T-bag tied his hands together, similar to how he did his victims.
“Good boy,” T-bag whispered.

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