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ABC won the night, but PB won the 8pm slot

President Bush’s 17-minute address on Monday night fell smack in the middle of the second part of ABC’s contentious “Path to 9/11” mini-series, with Harvey Keitel. But the thematic synchronicity, which also extended to a 9/11 “Primetime” afterward, may have helped lift ABC to No. 1 for the night, averaging about 12 million viewers over all, according to Nielsen’s estimates. CBS inserted the president’s 9 p.m. speech into a lineup of repeats: “How I Met Your Mother” (5.9 million) at 8, “The New Adventures of Old Christine” (5.5 million) at 8:30, and “Two and a Half Men” (7.6 million) after the speech. A repeat of “CSI: Miami” (8.3 million) followed, propelling CBS to No. 2 for the night. On Fox, the interruption may account for some of the drop-off for “Vanished” (5.9 million), which paled in comparison with the solid audience at 8 for the serial drama “Prison Break” (8.8 million). That episode, which included the bloody death of the escapee Abruzzi (Peter Stormare), led over all for the hour among adults 18 to 49. NBC’s “Dateline” (6.1 million) from 8 to 10, which paused for Mr. Bush’s speech, could not compensate for a “Medium” repeat at 10 (4.8 million), which drove the network to a subdued last place for the night. BENJAMIN TOFF
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