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"First Down" discussion

Since I wasn't able to join the Cell Wall discussion last night (because the bf was hogging the internet and we don't have a wireless connection), I thought we could discuss it here too.

This was the best ep so far. Actually they all seem to be getting progressively better.
What struck me: At the FBI headquarters, Mike and Linc's faces each had big red Xs on them in the beginning when they thought they were dead, right? So how come they are X-free as Mahone is finally told the blood was from a pig? They should have still be crossed out until it was official. Unless his flunky replaced the photos.

So here's me last night: Nika's turned on them! Oh, she's helping. No, I really think she's with Bellick. Well, maybe she's with Mike. No, she's definitely with Mike. Oh shit, she's lost her damned mind. Thank god Linc did that. I think he was testing her because he wanted to show Michael that he can't trust anyone.

RIP Abruzzi. At least you got to go out in some slick clothes and a nice look. I'll miss ya.

And could Went have made Mike sound any more torn up over Sara? Man, what I would do to have a man that hot sound that upset for me.
Something I just thought of: Michael had the actual newspaper articles and clippings on the walls of his apartment. We've seen them a number of times, all marked up and stuff. Then, in the first episode he ripped them all down before he threw the hard drive into the river, right? So how come when they dredged the water and found the hard drive are they printing out newspaper articles? Am I supposed to believe a man with no time to spare in saving his brother actually marked up all those articles, circled important things and then scanned them into the computer to save them? The Fibonacci article is my example... it was rescued from the hard drive with his name already circled. Meaning it was circled and then scanned in to the computer?
So? What did you think?
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