look alive. (mcfeste) wrote in _prisonbreak,
look alive.

recap: prison break 2x03, "scan"

Yo, mamis and papis. My recap for Episode 203, "Scan," is up at Fandom Talk. Go forth and enjoy it for a WHOLE DAY prior to Monday. Imagine!


Ravine. Fedcakes, including Mahone, are gathered around a beat-up shell of a car lying on its roof. An older agent helpfully expresses what a shame it is to go to all that trouble to break out of prison, only to end up dead under a bridge. He wants to know which is the unlucky con. Mahone does not answer, perhaps afraid that speaking Michael's name aloud will make it true.


Hope you enjoy. Feedback is cherished like a small furry mammal.
Tags: episode 2.03, fandom talk, recap, scan

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