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Scan recap and small review

The Recap
We're shown a burnt out car (the same one from the previews last week) and our man Mahone. A man, who appears to be from the local constabulary, issues the statement "Put in all that work. Break out of prison. Only to end up dead at the bottom of a ditch. Kind of sad really. So, which one was it?" that will send us back in time by twelve hours. Mahone has issued orders to have any and every place that might provide Linc and Micheal with medical attention covered. The new assistant agent tells him that "if they have band-aids and bactine" they're covered. They then discuss the coverage of the families. She tells Mahone that they have "eyes and ears" on everyone. The discussion turns educational as Mahone lectures on about how it is hard for the cons to keep from making mistakes.

Our boys show up at the apartment of Micheal's "wife" (remember, she delivered the credit card and helped with the keys) in order to tend to Linc's injury. With the help of some spices and a bottle of vodka the wound is patched up. Micheal then has to go out and get the car back. Linc tries to tell him to forget about it, but Micheal is insistent. He goes back to the hardware store to find the car gone. Only a pile of broken glass remains. Though we do catch a glimpse of a new (to us at least) tat on Scofield's wrist. It is of a barcode. Back at FBI HQ, a backpack is dumped out on a desk in front of Mahone, among the many things that fall out is a passport for one Phineas McClintock; aka Micheal Scofield. Mahone declares that this is the first mistake.

Cut to a quick mart and Bellick. He's in search of a six-pack and some "oriental" jerky. The clerk is advised to check the back for the requisite jerky when none other than Bellick's old chum Geary comes in. Decked out in his security officer uniform. A fight ensues between the men. Though, they later sit on the hood of a car sharing the six-pack. After deciding that neither man is at fault for each others' current state of affairs they conclude that they should seek out the cons (who are really at fault in their eyes) and claim the reward.

Scofield finds the impound lot where the ever important Accord has been stashed. Concurrently, Mahone grills the vagrant that busted the window to get the bag. After a few questions the FBI finds out the car was towed. They get to checking on the tow. Meanwhile, Scofield pays for the car.

Over in Ohio, Sucre calls his buddy in Bed-Stuy to get an update on his girl. Buddy man tells Scure that Maricruz is getting married in a couple of days. Scure, of course, goes nuts and steals a car in order to get to New York and hopefully stop Maricruz from getting married.

Scofield gets the car back, but is dismayed to find the bag gone. He asks the attendant about it, but he says it wasn't there when the car was towed.

Back in hospital, Sara is being discharged. However, before she can head home, the Chicago police take her into custody. Watching from the background, our old friend Kellerman. He reports to the President that Tancredi has been taken in and he will keep tabs on her.

Over at the in-pound lot, Mahone calls in. Chuck, the attendant, gets caught in between Scofield on site and Mahone on the phone. Chuck's attempt at delay is futile as Scofield makes off with the keys and the car. Mahone throws a fit at tosses files onto the floor. Including one for an Oscar Shales. Meanwhile, the Feds have caught C-Note using a pay phone. He's calling home to try and get in touch with his wife. She of course is angry that he's been lying to her all this time about being in Iraq. After much pleading, he asks her to meet him at a particular location that he thinks only the two of them know. Mahone assigns his new partner to talk to Mrs. C-Note "woman to woman". She objects, but Mahone is insistent.

Back at Wifey's place, Scofield changes out the plate on the car. They're off after an awkward moment between Scofield and Wifey. Scofield then asks Linc to trust him. They're headed toward the money, but they have to make one more stop before getting underway.

Bellick and Geary sneak into Fox River to speak with the guy who didn't make it over the wall; Sucre's cousin. A few well placed threats and some interrogation later; Bellick leaves Fox River with all the information he needs.

Finally, the FBI gets a hit on Scure's car theft. Like a moron, Scure is speeding through Ohio.

Governor Tancredi pays a visit to his daughter at the police station. He dictates to her what she will do in order to save his own neck. You see, he's going to be named the new Vice President of the United States. Sara is still defiant of her father. She admits to leaving the door open. Daddy tells her to do what she is told in order to keep things going smoothly. Though, Sara is not to attend her father's VP ceremony.

Back on the road, the Brothers talk about the differences between the outside and the inside. Scofield opens up to Linc about his concerns about Mahone. A quick cell call to a voicemail box puts another Scofield plan into motion. Of course, the FBI is monitoring the voicemail and left a number. The FBI is hot on their trail as they track down the cell phone. Over in Pennsylvania, Scure is pulled over. The motorcycle cop is unconvinced that Scure is Mr. Miller, husband of the owner of the car.

C-Note puts himself in a bad spot yet again by visiting his daughter at school. He talks to her and catches up. At the end of the conversation, he asks her to ask her mother to turn on a light at home at a specific time if she trusts him.

The Brothers make a turn and start the odometer. The first part of the bar code tat is 38, the number of the highway. Meanwhile, Mahone gets a call about Sucre being stopped in Latrobe, PA. Noticing that the cop is taking a long time on the radio, Scure gets nervous. A coming train makes escape by car impossible. The cop pulls his weapon and approaches, only to find the car empty. Scure is running through a corn field and toward the speeding train. Back with The Brothers, the second part of the tat comes into play, 12. After twelve miles down Highway 38, Scofield performs and e-brake skid on a bridge. There's a loose railing. The Brothers open up the railing as Mahone and his boys close in. After positioning the car, Linc is disturbed to find some bags of "meat" in the trunk of the car. On the trail, Mahone's driver is stuck behind a farm vehicle. Mahone grows frustrated and turns on the lights and sirens himself. However, oncoming traffic further impedes their progress. The reason to not touch the radio now becomes clear. The radio is linked to a bomb in the car. Once it tunes to 103.7 the car will blow (the final number on the tat). Though, for some reason the radio gets "stuck" before it can reach the required frequency. Linc volunteers to go into the wrecked car to change the station. Just as the FBI trucks pull up, the car explodes. Mahone, well let's just say he's impressed by the explosion.

Scure has made it to NYC. However, he finds out that the wedding is in Vegas. He borrows his buddy's vintage motorcycle and rides off into the sunset. Sara is shown attending a recovery meeting. She tries to talk about her addiction and how she's treated others. But in the end she just says "Hi, I'm Sara and I'm an addict". Kellerman is close by, posing as an addict named "Lance".

And now we're back to the beginning of the episode. When the local cop asks Mahone which one he thinks is in the car he utters "Shales". He stammers on that he meant Scofield. Turns out Shales is an old case of Mahone's, the guy is still on the loose. Out comes the magic pen and pills. The Brothers scurry to the top of a near-by hill. They hope that they can get far enough away (Mexico) before the lab tests and forensics come back.

C-Note crouches down near his family's house. Inside, Mrs. C-Note watches her daughter sleep, it's 7:02, but no porch light yet. We're then shown a view of the daughter's room. It has a rainbow on the wall, and there's a picture by the wall. Thus negating the thinking of the FBI that they'll be meeting at the famous restaurant in New York. Mrs. C-Note turns on the porch light before sitting down with the new FBI agent. We're left hanging as the agent asks Mrs. C-Note about her husband.

Wifey delivers her car to The Brothers who promise her money for her trouble once they reach Mexico. She asks Scofield about Sara, he is ambivalent. Linc drives them away. Though, Bellick and Geary are waiting nearby.

The Review
I think that this episode was better than the previous installment. But then again, a lot happened this time around when the last one was very slow and plodding. It is a good thing that Scofield has vocalized his concerns about Mahone. Then again, he should know by now that the car crash won't keep Mahone off their trail too long. It should serve to put some distance between them, but Mahone's too smart to not be back on their tail in short order.

How dumb is Sucre? And now dumb is C-Note? Both of those guys are doing damn near anything they can in order to stay ON the radar. I actually hope that one of them gets picked up pretty soon in order to save themselves and their loved ones from further "dumbness". And why is Kellerman following Sara? Just to make sure she stays away? Or is there something more sinister at work?

So, who nabs The Brothers first? Mahone or Bellick?

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