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Review: Scan

In true Prison Break fashion, we see pretty early on that the title of this episode is another play on words, as Michael's wrist tattoo featuring a barcode shows us that something's coming soon that has to do with it.

Was it just me, or was that scene with Bellick and Roy fighting pretty awkward? It just looked like a couple of old fat guys tumbling around a 7-11. And on top of that, neither of them walked out of there very beaten up. How the hell were these guys frightening in the joint?
With Mahone so close on the trail of Michael, we've definitely got a sense of urgency in every episode, at least so far. Michael makes mention that he's well aware of how smart Mahone is, and we can see how nervous this makes him. And at the same time Michael is proving to be a match for Mahone, and he's probably running out of those little pills in his pen because of it.

Speaking of those little pills in Mahone's pen, I could see more coming of those later, more than just an indication that Mahone is unstable. For example, Michael noticing he has those pills in the pen, swapping it with a poison tablet. Something like that. I wouldn't put it past this show.

How are they going to handle the president not being re-cast this season? They show her in the "previously on" clips, which is somewhat surprising, so are there just hopes that she'll return for a few short parts? Or perhaps now that we know Sara's Governor father is being sworn in as Vice President, the show will focus more on him. And is it just me, or is that a little fast for a Vice President to be sworn in and a Governor to leave his post for the position?

Besides being a person that Mahone had been searching for, who is Oscar Shales? Why was he carrying the file around? Was it just to remind him not to slack off?

Following C-Note and Sucre is somewhat painful, as you can't help but feel the authorities are extremely slacking in their surveillance of the friends and families of these people. It's only been a few days and they're only resorting to phone taps?

So far, believe it or not, I'm pleased with how this season is shaping up. I'm genuinely interested to see how everyone turns out and to see what Michael's plans take them next. As long as T-Bag's hand rots off at some point during the season, I can suspend my disbelief enough.

Quote of the episode:
Bellick: "And a curvy man such as yourself ... well, let's just say there's some filthy individuals that might enjoy a celly with womanly attributes."
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