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Spoilers for upcoming episodes


08/25 - Episode 2.03 - Scans [Airing September 4]: Michael and Lincoln experience car trouble as Mahone's pursuit of them goes up in flames; Sucre hits the road to stop Maricruz from taking a gamble; C-Note is determined to reunite with his wife and daughter despite their surveillance; a familiar face keeps a close eye on Sara, who finds the tables turned on her; determined to cash in on the prison break, Bellick partners with an unlikely ally.

07/21 - Episode 2.04 - First Down [Airing September 11]: Abruzzi is reunited with his wife Sylvia. She is outraged when Abruzzi tells her he wants to get revenge before leaving the States and start a new life with his family. T-Bag travels with a man named Jerry and his cute 14-year-old girl, Danielle. When a lonely and horny T-Bag tries to get his way with the girl, she runs to her father and a confrontation ensues.

07/30 - Episode 2.05 - Map 1213 [Airing September 18]: One of the President's agents, named Bill Kim, is sent unannounced to Fox River in order to check up on the investigation's progress. Kellerman particularly likes Kim for his way of working. Kim is especially interested in Sara's whereabouts and her contacts. Sucre, who is in Las Vegas, finds the chapel where Maricruz is set to wed Hector. Maricruz's sister Theresa promises to have her sister and Sucre meet, however, she decides to call the police instead. [Note: It is possible that Bill Kim's appearance be delayed for another episode.]

08/19 - Episode 2.06: T-Bag is in the house of a woman named Jeannette, who serves him liquored lemonade. As they share stories, T-Bag starts working his charm on her only to be scorned when she asks him for help to get another man in her bed. It seems the gang, which includes Michael and Sucre, is pretending to be construction workers working on Jeanette's house. Why are they there for? Things go sour when Jeannette's daughter, Ann, appears.

08/27 - Episode 2.08: Agent Mahone gets a new adversary in Richard Sullins, an Internal Affairs agent put on the convicts trail. Mahone is not pleased to see Sullins arrive, especially since he had to be pulled away from the manhunt to meet the IA agent. Sullins asks Mahone tons of questions about how a prisoner Mahone had handcuffed in his car got away.
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