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new recap: prison break 202, "otis"

Howdy! My recap for Episode 202, "Otis," is up at Fandom Talk! Go forth and refresh your memories and hopefully tickle your funny bones before tomorrow night's episode. :)


Previously: Lincoln's son LJ was arrested for the attempted murder of Paul Kellerman, AKA Agent Evol #1 -- who, incidentally, we STILL haven't seen, not that I'm bitter or anything -- and for the murder of his mother and stepfather, which were pinned on him by #1 himself. CO Geary was fired from Fox River for extorting money from the cons and for alleged prisoner abuse, while Bellick was just as crooked but was never caught. Subtle, previouslies. Real subtle. Tweener was ejected from the Breakout Boys shortly after they escaped and hopped into a horse trailer bound for St. Louis. C-Note badgered Michael about Westmoreland's hidden money, in front of Abruzzi and Sucre. Veronica reported to Lincoln that she'd found Steadman alive, just before the Secret Service shot her deadarooney with Lincoln listening in horror on the phone. T-Bag ambushed a veterinarian's office and forced the doctor to begin re-attaching his hand. FBI Agent Mahone, crypto-quote puzzle solver extraordinaire, realized Michael's tattoo hides the entire plan beyond the escape itself, and intends to be there when his soulmate his prey reaches his destination.

A backyard. Mahone's, perhaps, as he sits alone in a deck chair, on the phone. His partner, whom closed captioning tells me is named Ives, informs him that the Mexican and Canadian border patrols are on alert, and Mahone instructs him to have the Mexican patrol set up checkpoints fifty miles in. Right again, smarty. They hang up, and Mahone rises and crosses cautiously to a birdbath he's been staring at the whole time, and peers at his reflection in the water.



Enjoy! And please don't be shy -- I love feedback.
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