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From TV Guide:

Includes a spoiler about the first ep of season two

Question: Am I the only one who is concerned with the morality of Prison Break? I understand that Lincoln was about to die for a crime he didn't commit, and I'm sure Michael didn't intend to loose T-Bag on an unsuspecting world. However, T-Bag and mob boss Abruzzi are out there. Is Lincoln's life worth that of any innocent who may be hurt or killed? I really don't mind if Sucre and C-Note get away; they're basically nonviolent criminals and probably deserved shorter sentences. But Michael has certainly ruined his own life. Is it worth it? — Doris B.

Matt Roush: Those are the big questions that make Prison Break more interesting than a conventional chase thriller. Scofield is a hero with some major baggage. To get justice for his brother, he has put some seriously nasty characters on the street, and that should be haunting him as well as us. Problem is, I don't care about enough of these characters (Tweener? Really?) to compel me to sit through their subplots each week.

On another Prison Break note, here's this from Julie: "I saw little to no mention of Veronica being shot and cut to pieces on the season opening of Prison Break. She was a pretty major character, so I was surprised she was killed so unceremoniously. Usually networks take the opportunity to hype it up and have a 'someone will die' promo to get people to tune in. Is this the show trying to be unpredictable like 24? Or was this an issue between the actress and the people running the show? I definitely won't miss her — her character bugged me, and Robin Tunney was awful — but I'd love to know the real story behind this."

My take: The best thing about stupid Veronica's ridiculous death was that it wasn't hyped or promoted. That's actually a refreshing change. No slight on the actress here, but Veronica was hugely expendable, and the producers have made no secret that the body count is going to continue to climb as the story progresses. Which is as it should be — no one's job is safe. Well, maybe Wentworth Miller's.
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